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Cuddly kitties?

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My precious Adam is SUCH a cuddler. He is constantly jumping into my lap and snuggling into the crook of my arm. Delilah, on the other hand, is very picky about when and how she will accept affection, and it does not last long. She has absolutely no problem with being picked up and held though, while Sprout completely SPAZZES if you try to pick him up to hold.

How do your kitties feel about cuddling and being held?
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All three of mine love to be held and cuddled, but Max is definitely the most cuddly of all. He likes to give nuzzles, head butts, licks and love bites...thus my nickname for him is "Loverboy!" Maggie and Molly both really like to be held and snuggled, too, although Molly is a bit more choosy about when...and she generally prefers to sleep hanging across my shoulders than in my lap!
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Maverick is my little love-bug of the bunch. He'd lay in my arms for hours if I let him, and he likes to tuck his head in the crook of my elbow. He also loves to sleep under the covers with me at night.

Jinx is turning into a little love-bug now, too. If she can't find me, she'll go around mewing her head off till she does, and then jump onto my lap for some lovin'. Geronimo used to be that way too, but he's not as bad as he used to be - although he does still have to know where I'm at, and if I'm on the computer or on the toilet, he'll want attention then.

All my other furbies love to be petted and all, but they don't like to be held. Winchester will sit on my lap sometimes, though.
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Damita was my cuddler. Now Eden cuddles. No one else likes to be held much. Molly will let you hold her, but you have to catch her first. Dorky Fish just likes to wander around yelling at you to pet him.
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Zane is a snuggler, sometimes, but he has his standoffish times.

He does like to be held; he particularly likes it when I put him 'monorail cat' fashion on my extended forearm, with his legs dangling. (That's sort of a specialty of mine; father--he was father's cat--wasn't quite strong enough to do that.)

PurrPuss, Zane's predicessor, was a long, thin cat and liked to drape himself around my neck like a scarf; Zane's too fat to do that, though.
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Arwen is my cuddle bug, although Shark will have her time in my lap too, but most of the time it's short lived Brandy on the other hand, when he decides it's cuddle time, he will stay put in your lap for at least 2 hours!
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Mine are both snugglers. Stan can be picked up and loved at any time (well, not any time --he wants to be left alone in the box )

Bella wants to snuggle on her terms. She doesn't want to be picked up, but she will come and hop in your lap.

I'm so glad they're both people friendly!
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Both of mine love to be held, pet, and cuddled. They also love tummy rubs
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Omelet is a MAJOR cuddler. I notice females don't seem to like to cuddle as much or maybe it is just me lol
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Of my 3 females, Delilah is a rare cuddler, Blue an occasional cuddler, and Piper can't get enough! The males are pretty much all lovebugs except Sprout - he likes to cuddle sometimes, but only when he initiates it, and he doesn't enjoy petting to much. He's my only cat that won't accept being held.
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