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Poop Issue...Again...

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I'm starting to think that I'll have to clip my Ragdoll's backside fur rather severely, since no matter what, he keeps getting poop stuck back there. (He does not have diarrhea, either.) I didn't want him to look silly, but his cotton-like fur is obviously catching his business before it hits the litter. After about six times of this (and once when he was staying at my parents' house), I've had it. Unless someone can recommend something else besides a hack job, I'm at my wits end.

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I am stumped Sorry that im not much help !
This only happens to my Persians when they are loose , Maybe someone else can help ???
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the hair around the anus and the back legs. Use blunt tips so you don't accidentally poke the kitty. Some kitties fur just snags stuff! Good Luck!
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So sorry your problems are pretty persistent... wow...

i know it is no fun..... remember my previous posting?

With Venus, it happens the few days after she arrived. Her tail is so fluffy and her hair is rather long.

i gathered WHY she soiled herself before. She was in the litterbox, fiddling with her businesses with her paws. In a feeble attempt to cover her stuff, i guess she accidentally rubbed herself on it. These days, she just do her business, cover it real quickly, and get out of the litter box (otherwise, i will be there to carry her out.)

Would you consider another type of litter? Also, does your litter box has a cover? Would you consider quickly carrying Simon out of the litter box immediately after he does his business?

i would hate to see his hair butchered. When i was a kid, i butchered my Japanese Chin's (a dog) hair at her hind areas, and it was really an ugly sight. Also, she might be cold over there.

Sounds like you need to watch Simon more, and observe what he is doing wrong. i did the same with Venus.

Don't know how much i have helped. Jenk, sorry you facing with such frustrations and so much clean work. Been there, done that. It is not fun at all, i know.

Take care and happy Friday!

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I use hairspray to help keep the hair "in position" so that it doesn't get in the way! This has really helped for me and has no permanent or harmful effect on the cats. Try it.
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I've never heard of using hairspray on a cat before... are you sure it doesn't cause any harm when they lick the area it's been sprayed on? I know I'd be worried...
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My mother has a Somali who get what I call "litterbox Butt" so she just clipps her hair on her behind very short - problem solved. Sorry but this is the only thing she found that works .
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I have never had a problem with the hairspray on my persians. Here is SA we can not show a cat that has hair cut in any way, so show cats can't be trimmed. When drying them after their bath, I blow dry the hair away from the back end and then use a herbal hairspray. I use herbal shampoo as well and have never had a problem. Works for my babies! I wouldn't ever allow any of them to have a dirty bottom.
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Our Maine Coon Mix has alot of hair. What we do is we have him groomed every 4 months and the groomer cuts his hair real close from the base of his tail down about 3 to 4 inches. When it grows out before the next visit we wrap him in a towel and cut the hair. This works for us. We had the same problems with the poop sticking to the hair and falling out later. What a mess!
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I have the same dirty butt problem with my cat. She has a nice fluffy pair of britches on her hind legs under the tail And it gets bad especially when she was eating too much wet food (we were feeding her primary wet food for a while in hope of that will help reduing her weight).

She does something funny too - dragging herself over rugs in attempt to wipe the poop off on rugs It's the funniest thing to watch. Don't worry - she is smart and never pick my nice rugs to do that...

Now we limit her on no more than half can of IAMS wet food, then supplement with dry food, she no longer has dirty butt as often or as bad, we still do have to shampoo her butt sometimes and clip away some hair.
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I'm so glad I found this forum! Well, I'm glad I found some advice on this problem, even if it seems inconclusive. My poor baby girl had poop stuck in her fur TWICE last week, although never before and she's about 15 months old. I figure it was a change in the weather thing making her poop sticky or something. It clearly hurts her when I pulled the poop out, but she was also screaming as she tried to clean herself, and wiped her butt all over the apartment. I couldn't get her to stay still in a way that I'd feel safe cutting it out.

If it happens again I may let the groomer shave her back side, but I'd rather not.
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One of our cats with short hair had problems with poop on his bottom when he gained a lot of weight and couldn't reach very well to clean and had somewhat "soft" stools. One of us would hold him and the other used a soft warm wet cloth to hold the piece until it softened and then easily came loose. Sometimes he'd let me do it by myself, but I'd get down on the floor with him, cradle him with one arm, and use the warm wet cloth. When his stool wasn't so soft he didn't have this problem. Our long-haired cat (from shelter, no specific breed) had a similar problem with very soft stools, but not with normal stools. He is not overweight.
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My cat Max has the same problem. When it starts happening I just get the scissors and cut the "butt fuzz" really short.
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My baby had that happen one time and when we tried to get it out he screamed. Our neighbors came runnign over think that maybe we had a little girl that had been seriously injured in our house! Fortunately we have not had this problem again. Talk about a boy screaming like a little girl!!
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Grizzly has long hair, tail hair and is "chubby". She occasionally gets poop hair also-I try to clean her off. My vet said clipping is the best way to keep this from happening as she has difficulty grooming herself "there"
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