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Out of control Behavior!!

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My kitten is 5mo old and he is crazy!! Last night he was in one of his moods, which aren't as frequent as they used to be. But last night it was so extreme. He was very playful and when he is in these moods, he has no reguard for anything or anyone else. First he ran from across the room, jumped off the couch onto my dog's face!! Now I know he is only playing but he's not declawed and that makes ne so nervous how he jumps at him like that at full speed!!! So I decided to play with him for a while, I was sitting on the ground, he sneeks behind the curtain and before I know it, he jumps ON my face, TWICE!!! He just seems so rowdy!!! The literally tears throught the house jumping from furniture, to furniture, as fast as he can!!! How do I teach him that jumping in my dogs face, and mine, is not acceptable? He does it a lot! When he did it my BF yelled at him and he ran away, but in a few minutes he was right back at it.
Also, I don't want it to get to the point that Marley is afraid of my BF, because he really doesn't like it when Marley (the cat) jumps at our dog like that....and he REALLY didn't like when he jumped on my face.
Any suggestions?
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Well, first off, keep in mind that he's an adolescent, developing his all-important hunting skills and muscles. Kittens do calm down quite a bit as they get a little older, although even adult cats sometimes get the "10 o'clock crazies."

You should probably clip his claws or put "soft paws" on him. The latter are available at Pet Smart or your vet. They are little plastic covers you glue on his claws that will protect you, your house, and the dog. And if you get them at the vet, you can probably get them in a color to match his personality, fur, or whatever.
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He is just a youngster. Both of my boys that I had as kittens went through a phase at that exact same age of pouncing on faces. I suspect that like my boys, it is just a phase and he will grow out of it. In the meantime, keep his claws trimmed so that he can't do any damage and tell him 'NO' in a stern voice when he does it. Giving him a 'time out' by himself in a kitten safe room for a few minutes to calm down can also help.
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We call that "kittie crazies" at my house. When my boys were about that age that is exactly what they would do. It's like they are freaking out for no reason. They were raised thinking the dog was momma because she helped me care for them when they were tiny orphans. One of them did the same to my dog. Go racing over furniture leap to the dog and keep running. They never had their claws out but I always keep them trimmed.

Good news is they do grow out of the teenage stage and settle down. One of them still runs around occasionally but he is not wild like before. They are 10 months old now.

Maybe putting him in a room when he gets in this mood might help. Kinda like a time out. Good luck.
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