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Daily Thread TGIF Sept 12th!

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Morning folks!

Well, today I am off to volunteer in a charity golf tournament..I have to buy an umbrella on the way to work..its going to be a rainy golf day today.

Today was my first payday, but apparently I was not on the payroll in time...sooooo...I have to take all that money from my creditline to pay my bills now. I suppose they will backpay me though, so I guess thats fine. I am annoyed though because my credit line is already soaring from the move.

Ummmm, I think thats it! Have a great weekend!
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Ugh! Sorry about the payroll mix up. I've had a few of those in my time too. It's ok if you are stinking rich and don't care about the pay cheque, but for the rest of us a missed pay cheque really hurts.

Is there no way that they can cut you a cheque manually? Most companies will do that. The hospital did it to me once when they messed up my cheque and short paid me by 4 days.

I'm off to work today. Gosh I love the sound of that least for now. A few months more and I'll be dying for a vacation!
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Goodmorning everyone, I had a goodnight and yesterday I recieved two letters from a very good friend of mine. Today is payday and I will have to go get some groceries as we are a bit short on them. I am going to get some sauce so I can make some fettuchine alfredo tonight. I locked myself out of my car yesterday and had to get a locksmith to open it this was after trying for an hour with someone who used to do repos well the locksmith got it the first time. I am now watching Practical Magic and thinking about going to get some chinese food too and I need to get Lilly some kind of a toy. Trying not to think about the fact that what would have been Tavia's gotcha day is getting close. And I am in a silly mood although I do have the sneezes and its getting a bit old. Hope your day is going well.
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Good morning!

Woohoo! Friday!! I get to see my boyfriend tonight (and for most of the weekend) We haven't been able to get together during the week because his schedule is really inconvenient. So I miss him a lot.

This morning I have a workshop at the university on how to be a good teaching assistant. It's great that they give that kind of workshops... but why does it have to be at 8:30am?
The rest of my day will be spent on (very boring!) reading.

So time for me to get ready.

Have a great day everyone!
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You must be getting the rain we got yesterday afternoon. A half inch!! Any amount helps as that perked up my plants.

Waiting for a load of laundry to finish so I can start another and hang outside in the fog!!
Its a bit damp and humid this morning.

Working though at one clients house as I have to locate and move her mystery lilies.
I have a general idea where they are I just don't want to cut into any of the bulbs as I dug them up. Off to consult with another client after that.

Then finally getting hair cut/colored/hi-lights etc. Its been MONTHS!!
And my other pair of glasses are ready to be picked up.

Have to stop to by anniversary card for Neil as its our 23rd anniversary Sunday. No hints on a gift so I'm going to get him a gift card at a Woodworking store.

Then back to doing more priming of boards-we didn't get much done last night I hope we can be more efficent this weekend.

Bobs is sleeping on the bed, Bakker is somewhere in the house and Grizzlie wanted to walk outside in the wet grass.

Have a good one!!
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Morning All!!!!

Very wet here as well, poured most of the night and is still drizzling but not as hard. Sure is playing havoc with my hands, wrists, and shoulders though all of them are really stiff and sore this morning...Looks like it's going to be just a peachy keen day

Heading off to work shortly, nothing to pressing to take care of today, spent extra time on catch-up yesterday so I should be able to sail throw today fairly quickly.

Grocery shopping and bank stuff afterwards, then home for a nice quiet evening. I borrow the Jeff Dunham Spark of Insanity DVD from my sister so will be watching that tonight..I like Jeff Dunham he's a pretty funny guy..

The kitties are good this morning. Linus is window watching, Pixie is snacking and Sassy is it looks like they are set for the day..

Everyone have a good one
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Well, since I always read this thread and never joined in I thought I would today =)

It’s been a wonderful morning other then the fact that I am hung over… yes I drank a whole bottle of wine last night… it’s the brightest idea on a weeknight LOL. Everyone at work is strangely happy even though we are going through major lay offs. So the mood here is good.

Tonight I am hoping the SPCA comes over to assess our house so we can foster a dog in need. Hopefully we will have one by this weekend.

I’m excited for tomorrow. My boyfriend is taking me out to celebrate my one year anniversary at work. He bought he a pedicure for after work today so my feet can look pretty LOL. So maybe a spa afternoon will make my drunken headache go away.

That’s it! I wish you all an amazing Friday!
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I slept a little late this morning. No work today, and even if I called in, they have a bunch of drivers with cancelled loads this morning due to Hurricane Ike, so they won't need me.

Dottie left me a list of things to take care of to be sure we're ready for Ike. We may have heavy winds and rain, or we may dodge the bullet.
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Receive a big hug all friends of this lovely thread!......

Nothing exciting for me... Just work today and tomorrow too.........

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Today was my 2nd day at college.

Anyway, after that I went shopping with mom and then came home, had tea, and here I am!

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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
Today was my first payday, but apparently I was not on the payroll in time...sooooo...I have to take all that money from my creditline to pay my bills now. I suppose they will backpay me though, so I guess thats fine. I am annoyed though because my credit line is already soaring from the move.
I have been working at my new job for almost 4 weeks now and I still have yet to be put on direct deposit but they are sending me cheques so I still get paid.

I am just about to get ready to go to work. The other girl didn't show up today so I am going in early. I have to stop and cash my paycheque first though so I have some money.
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Good morning and happy Friday!!

I love all your guys' "cheques".

It's cold and NASTY here. I guess the week long decent weather we had was fall, and it's now winter! I mean, I know I'm cold blooded and will call 70 cold, but when my male coworker (males being known for being "tougher" and not so cold, ya know) comes in after 9, when it's usually warmed up, and first thing he says is "It's cold!", I know it's not just me!

In other news, I'm exhausted today! Having real trouble working... Don't tell! Just been a long week- first week back from vacation will do that to ya!

Oh, because I love giving too much information, I took a pregnancy test last night. I've been sick, which has made me tired and slightly nauseous at times. Since I want it so badly, I kept hoping it meant I was pregnant! Obviously, I'm not. No surprise there! But at least taking the test shut up that little voice in the back of my head that kept saying "maybe maybe maybe!!"

Even though Evie completely ignored me yesterday, she was in super cuddle mode this morning! Fickle kitty. In fact, we had a first last night! It was funny. She jumped up on the bed, presumably to come cuddle, at like 4 AM. She must've known I was awake, because she hasn't woken me up for cuddles in quite some time. Anyway, I feel her jump up at the foot of the bed. Feel her tiptoe up slowly among our legs heading towards our heads. Hubby, a deep sleeper, for whatever reason chose that moment to roll over. Made her jump a MILE! Ah, maybe you had to be there, but it was very funny. Cronos was his typical love-starved self as well.

All right, think I'm gonna go take a little jog down the hall to try to wake up. Whew!

Have a wonderful day all!!
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Afternoon everyone

Today I will be working on our master bathroom again- priming/sealing it so that I can get it ready to painit. I spent hours yesterday working on it and still have a lot left to do today so that's probably what i'll be doing most of the day.

In a little while i'm supposed to go to my best friend's apartment to help her pack. She's moving out of state tomorrow So i'm a bit sad over that.

After I help her pack i'm going to the gym and meeting another friend there for a good workout. That's basically all i've got planned for the day at the moment. Still need to do laundry at some point too.
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