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Hi guys! Haven't been here in forever but looking for some suggestions. Just got back from a 2 week vacation and one of my kitties has a small red spot on the inside of her front leg. It's up close to her chest. There does not appear to be any open wound at all it's just a little red but it must itch her or something because she's licking it a lot and now making it worse. The only thing I can think of that it might be is possibly a flea bite. None of my cats have ever had fleas (and probably don't know what to make of that horrible itch that goes with it. ), but they stayed at a "kitty condo" vacation spot while I was on vacation and the lady mentioned she had a small kitten come in with fleas so she treated mine just in case. The kitten was separate from mine so it was just precautionary, but I guess very possible.
In a nutshell is there anything I can put on the area to keep her from licking it to death! It's not a big spot and it's not very red, just a little, but I think it's bugging her and she just won't leave it be.