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Hi! I am owned by 10 wonderful cats.

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Ten wonderful cats own me. All are rescued. Some days I think they rescued me! I am active with a fantastic cat and kitten rescue group called Kats-n-Kittens Adoption & Rescue. Be sure to visit our web site. John (Heather's husband) created it. Just click on the signature below. Because I am in a wheelchair I do most of the printing and PR for us. Meeting Heather and getting involved with this has been one of the best things that ever happened to me. I have met so many nice cat people! I love everything that has to do with cats and making their lives better.
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I know you are going to love this site! Everyone here is very dedicated to their kitties and love to share their adventures and experiences with each other! Please feel free to attach photos of all your kitties!
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Welcome to the site! I'm so glad we have yet another kitty angel in our midst. We would love to hear more about your kitties, and of course we all love pics of kitties.
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Hello catonwheels
PLeased to meet you , I am new also , looks like we are going to have fun at this site
Your website wouldn't work for me it said no such address
Thanks anyway , and it sounds great what you do

Sam ( wellingtoncats )
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Hey! I don't know why, but your link didn't work (maybe email Anne, the website owner, and she will help you on that!) But, for all those who are waiting breathlessly, for that link to come up, SOMEHOW, I did get the same link to the katsnkittens adoption and rescue site, in my Signature, up and running--so it can be seen right below my post!
They are THE most dedicated people to the poor little abandoned kitties(along with a host of other volunteers who help them out so much, when needed! ) I am proud to know them, (and TRY to help them too )
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Welcome to The Cat Site!
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The cats of Ohio are so lucky to have you! Welcome to the Cat Site. Hope to see you around the forums. Post some pictures when you have a chance.
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Hi there! Welcome to the board! I hope you enjoy your time here as much as I enjoy mine!
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Welcome to the cat site! Picture's please!!
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Nice to have you here!! Welcome!!
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Welcome to the Cat Site! I'm another who's owned by a whole Pride of cats, 11 to be exact. All are rescues; 6 of them were kittens born to a pregnant female we adopted from the SPCA.

This is a great place, you'll quickly find it addictive!
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You're in good company here... We are all addicted to our cats, and this site

Hope to see you a lot in the future!!!
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Welcome to TCS!
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Hello and welcome!
I've seen your website before and it made me cry. I think the work you do with cats is just wonderful! You are an angel!
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