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Seeing and Feeling the effects of IKE......

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Tonight a friend and I loaded up, and drove to our sons first football game!
we had to travel an hour and 15 min. south on Hwy 59! Hwy 59 is the main thoroughfare out of Houston, we began to notice traffic, and I mean bummer to bummer going North, it was all the people evacuating from Houston and surrounding areas. All the gas stations were overloaded with people! They told us we better get gas now, because they were running out of it from Houston all the way up here!
These crazy folks would just pull over on the shoulders and get out and start talking, it's like they do anything they want! I had to feed my ferals whenever I got back, I couldn't even pull in the parking lot,
The line of cars, it seems as though there is no end to them!
I feel so sorry for all of them!! And I also heard that gas is suppose to rise a 1.00 a gal.
Good ole gov. and raise the price on all of those people who are in distress
anyway! Bless thier hearts
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Our gas prices went up 13 cents a litre overnight because of Ike and the damage it may do to the oil business in Texas.

I hope all you US folks in Ike's path stay safe and that your pets don't panic.
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Good luck to you and please be safe
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Gas went up 20+ cents a gallon and a couple are limiting purchases to 10 gallons.
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I could tell something was up on my drive home from work this evening. Every single gas station that I drove by was full of cars....some with lines out into the street. The prices here are expected to raise at least $1.00/gallon, possibly more. My mom overheard someone talking about the gas price in northern Michigan (West Branch) being $7/gallon already...a prime example of gouging...just like they did on 9/11.
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Gas is up 30 cents per gallon here. This is due to the shutdown of the major refineries around Houston. The sooner they open, the sooner gas prices will go down.

Keep in mind that oil on the world market was below $100/bbl today for the first time since April.
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It came and went, and I can't imagine the damage around Houston, just the damage here was pretty bad, and I'm 5 hours north. Our power went out Saturday evening and it came back on around 10 last night! of course I think that was awful! I'd never make it further south! My friend that is here, from down close to Houston got pics today of the beauty shop she worked at, which is a total loss! I can't imagine that! and there is no telling when those folks power will be back on, some say a week or two! My yard looked like a
war zone! At least it isn't flooded! I feel so sorry for the millions of people!
My other friend said yesterday that she went to buy ice, here in my town, and people were fighting over it! my dad almost had a confrontation with some angry guy at the gas station too! I'll be glad when everything calms down and the evacutes get to go home! It's rough right now in Texas!!!
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