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AC/DC finally anounced tour dates. i've never seen them live. according to their website the fall tour will be an arena tour followed by a stadium tour next summer. they'll be at the Forum in L.A. on dec. 6th. hope i get decent seats. tickets are supposed to go on sale sept. 20th
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I saw them in Oakland year ago and they were great.
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They put on a very fun, high energy show.
You're going to enjoy it, especially if they've got a good opening band with them.
I've seen them, 14 times in concert, once with Bon.
Once upon a time I knew a lady from Louisianna that worked for their US road crew, so I've even been on their tour bus drinking beer
I've met Angus and George Young, Angus really is a short, hyper guy.

They will always be one of my favorite bands, though I prefer the Bon Scott days, when they were more bluesy.
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I love ac/dc and I would love it if they would come here..but I haven't checked their website yet....
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