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fostering kittens and going away for the weekend...

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I am new to cats/kittens so hopefully these questions are not too stupid lol...

We rescued a feral kitten and are fostering it. Will most likely adopt. We were talked into a playmate for her so now we have two kittens (approx 8weeks and 10 weeks old).

At night I have them in a large dog wire crate with food/water and litter box. They are out during the day while I am home. I have left them by themselves for about 1/2 hour and they seemed to be ok.

Situation is... we got good seats for a MLB game which will require an overnight stay... Be gone morning to the next evening. Neighbor is ok coming over to check on them. I asked him to come by the first evening and the next morning.

Should I have him crate them overnight like they are used to? I would guess it will be an extra 6-7 hours in the crate. I usually do not crate them until 10ish and they come out at 7-8am... I am not going to ask the neighbor to stick to that. I need him to come over in the morning anyways because the younger one needs her eye cleaned out in the am.

Is leaving them out without anyone here asking for trouble at this age? I do have a small spare room that would not take much time to clean out but not sure if that would be more trouble since they have not been in there before.

Thanks for any help and advice!
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Sounds like the little one needs a vet visit since you need to clean her eyes like that.

Your kittens are young. They need more feedings then just the evening and in the morning - is your neighbor willing to add in more visits to feed them? Personally I wouldn't leave little ones that young alone for so long.
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I have made a call to those who are in charge of the foster program regarding the eye. Waiting for the call back. If I have to run her in if I can not get help from them I will but trying the free way first since she is still a foster kitty as of now and they said they would take care of medical needs.

They are free fed so I am not too worried about food. They do not seem to go through the entire bowl before I top off so I will probably just leave a little more than I see them go through and have the neighbor top off and check the water.
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8 week olds need more then just dry food. I prefer to provide wet food with formula mixed in until they're at least 10-12 weeks if there is no mother cat to nurse them.
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I agree with what has been said regarding feeding. I feed my kittens (ranging from 3 1/2 months to 5 1/2 months) wet food with KMR formula mixed in. Kittens do need wet food.

Is there anyway that since you are fostering, you could find someone else who is fostering to watch them at their house for a day if you REALLY want to go? I know if I needed to go somewhere, there are other fosters who could take my kittens for me for the duration. (Though, trust me..I never go anywhere! lol)
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^ Having a zoo' worth, especially reptiles, really puts a damper on going anywhere, doesn't it? DH and I limit our time away to one night because of our bunch.
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