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Naked/Furry Love

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I just love it when Sprout cuddles with the other cats! They must keep him so nice and warm. I got some pics of him cuddling with Piper today (unfortunately most didn't turn out). It's even cuter when he cuddles with fluffy Griffin and burrows into all that fur! (ETA: Keep scrolling down if you want to see them too. )

"Um, hello! Trying to take a nap here mom!"

Snuggling back in.
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Isnt that just the cutest thing awwwww his siblings keeping him warm
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OMG, great title and pic.
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Too cute! Perhaps Sprout wonders how old he has to be before he's got fur of his own? Poor confused boy..
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Ask and you shall receive! Just as I hit the submit button for my post above, Sprout jumped into that same basket with Griffin! So of course I had to take a few more pics.

"Hey, make room for me!"

Griffin likes to give kisses.

Kissing and getting comfy

Kitty love
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Oh my gosh Griffin that big fuzzy love muffin loving on his brother
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Awww Griffin is so sweet with Sprout!
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awww how sweet!
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Aw, that's cute. I guess he doesn't mind them grooming him Glad to see them all getting along.
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Those pics are just way too cute
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Those last 2 pictures are so precious!
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What cute pictures!! That reminds me when I had hairless rats, and when they would snuggle up with their furred cagemates! Gotta love hairless critters!
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Now that's my idea of a fur coat! Griffen is sweet to share his lovely fluffiness with his naked brother.
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