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Abandoned Kittens

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I have a litter of abandoned four week-old kittens. I've begun bottle feeding them, but I'm having trouble with their eliminations. I can only stimulate them to urinate, but not defecate. Am I doing something wrong, possibly?

They are eating well from the bottle, about a teaspoon and a half each. Mom hasn't fed them in about a day and a half and we took over this evening. I feel terrible for the babies, as they are sooo sweet!
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My Teddy was between 2 and 3 weeks when I got him. He hadn't been feed for what I can only assume is days before I got him. I couldn't get him to defecate for nearly a week because his little body was just absorbing all the nutrients. I would freak out just yet. If you can get them to pee, then your doing it right.

There is tons of helpful info at the kitten rescue website. You may have already gone to it, but just in case here it is:

Good luck and keep us updated!
(and pictures of the little ones would be much appreciated! lol)
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Sending prayers and vibes that the little ones thrive.
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Mom fed them again last night, after I was done with them. She's ignoring them now, but at least she isn't *running* from them. It's going to be so hard when it comes time to find homes for such sweet little kittens! This is just terrible
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I thought they were abandoned? If the queen is in the picture then she could very well be helping them eliminate on her own and eating the results which is why they aren't responding to your stimulations. We make poor subsitutes for what the queen can do for them.
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