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Kitty very sick

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Torrie is sick once again, but i am not sure this time. She has feline herpes and usually we go through the flare-up with a snotty nose, sneezing. This time she is throwing up and has horrible watery stools. She stopped using the box,which is so much not like her at all. My kitten also started this today. I thought it was the dry cat food i just bought. I took a sample and kitties right to the vet this evening.
He said it was not the food and I am to paranoid..it is the herpes acting up and she just has the throwing up and the watery stools this time...same with the kitten. Torrie also had a fever, he gave her 3 shots..an antibiotic shot, a steroid shot and a vitamin b-12 shot to stimulate her appetite.
He wants her on science diet AD for right now and only that.
Torrie has long hair, her behind is one big matted mess and she will not let me near it to help her clean up. I tried with warm wet washcloths, but she just cries, she is so sore. I am going to give her time and cut all the hair off her behind She smells so bad...no wonder she is throwing up, she tries to groom herself...YUK!
The kitten got his shots and antibiotic..he is eating the science diet, but Torrie just smells it and walks away. maybe tomorrow I will try boiled chicken breast...any other suggestions?
poor Torrie it seems like she is always getting something..and I thought she sounded better, I was giving her the lysine everyday! AAAHHH!!
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how much lysine are/were you giving her each day?
most herpes cats need a maintenance dose of 500 mg per day, with more during a flare-up [i usually double the maintenance dose]. also, what kind of lysine are you using? oh, & how are you giving it?
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I am so sorry for you guys!

Kitty does not like her behind trimmed either, understandably. I usually wait til its not so sore and then cut as much as I can while she is relaxed and laying down. It is a slow process, but keeps her untraumatized.

Many good thoughts coming your kitties way
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Oh dear! I have no words of wisdom for you, but it sounds like it's something other than the FHV. If you changed their food over too quickly, that could cause the runny stools. It might also be something like worms or another parasite. They should probably have a fecal done to rule out worms and parasites.

Try adding a bit of water to her wet food and warming it up for about 10 sec. in the microwave. If she's congested, she can't smell the food. Warming it up enhances the aroma and entices them to eat. Also to help with the congestion, put her in the bathroom with you when you shower. Close the door and let the steam from your shower break up all that snot in her head. If you can, at night, put her in a room and run a vaporizer.

To help with the diarrhea, after ruling out parasites, you can feed a bit of canned pumpkin (plain, NOT pumpkin pie filling) or a bit of plain jane yogurt.

Are you a member of the Feline Herpes Yahoo group? If not, you should join. The people on the board are very knowledgeable and helpful. They might have some ideas for you. http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/f...guid=353539644

Stephanie, meowmy to one herpes kitty
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I Give Torrie 250 mg in her morning feeding and 250mg in her evening feeding..she has access to dry food at all times. We went back to vet tonight again and he wants to run tests on her, she had no fevertoday...He is a good vet but a little old..I think i am going to take her to the "Cats Only" Hospital in the morning. A little while ago , with alot of coaxing she took a few bites of food he gave me...I watered it down with pedialyte. I tried to feed her like i do the kittens with a syringe and KMR...she would not go for it. She is not throwing up she still has the runs though. She will drink water. She is very quiet and just laying around. The kitten was running around playing and eating today so he is fine. I am so worried,. this is how my Kitty Girl started and she had FIP..I had to put her down. Torrie does NOT have the swollen belly like Kitty girl had. Please send good vibes and prayers..i cannot lose Torrie..I just hope she perks up!!! I am sick over this.
Pictures of my Torrie



Please pray for my baby!!!
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She's beautiful!! I'm really praying that she has some kind of parasite or maybe the food is just too rich for her. Could be that she has gas on her tummy or something like that, too. Did the vet x-ray her to see if there's any gastrointestinal problems?

One thing I've learned with my FHV kitty is that grain-free food is best for them, both canned and dry. Hopefully, if it is the change in food, you can start her on a grain-free food.

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Wow what a long day...well Torrie would not eat this morning..she looked bad. I made a decision to go to the Cats Only Hospital, so i called and got an appt for 12:30.
The vet worked on her for an hour and half. She got a full physical, blood, stool, everything you can think of.I felt bad cuz she cried the whole time.
Her stool is negative, and no blood. She has a unusally small kidney, but nothing to be alarmed about. She does have symptoms of FIP BUT the vet said if she had it she would have been gone by now. Her symptoms are far to long for FIP. So after poking her all up, she got SUBQ fluids and two meds for now. Metroidazole for diarrhea and its also an antibiotic and cyproheptadine to stimulate her appetite. It worked she has been eating off and on all evening. She also shaved her butt for me cuz it was all matted from the diarrhea. I will know the bloodwork tomorrow or monday and find out what is going on.
She was shivering so they warmed towels in the dryer and wrapped her in them. They were so good to her. She still looks very weak but she is eating .. Now the bloodwork has to come back ok! I pray!
Yes, they were a little expensive but she is well worth it, I do not care how much it costs. I will keep my other cats at my first vet and for more intense care i will go to this Cat Hospital. Torrie will stay with this place..I think we are going to need ongoing care and i hope if we are a little more aggressive in treating the disease(feline herpes) not just the symptoms , she will hopefully do better. Thanks for all your suggestions pray for good test results!!!
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