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So, Ella has this funny habit. She likes to pull the little rubber tip of the door stopper behind all our doors.

I just checked around the house, and she's pulled about half of them off. Time to get out the super glue, I guess.
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lol that's funny.

Mine don't pull the tips off, they just run into them and when it makes that noise it scares the hell out of them and they run
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Hahahaha...I fostered a puppy that loved those things.
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My kitties love to play with the door stoppers so much that they have pulled off the entire door stopper, spring AND rubber tip. They love the Sprooooiiiiing noise. They have pulled off two door stoppers so far. I'm sure the rest don't have long to live.
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LOL. We don't have them in this apartment, but Pushy used to love them in the old place. He also likes those toy springs, not surprising.
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Yep...we're forever finding those things somewhere other than on their little post, stopping doors. SPROOOOOOOING!
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Mine do that, too. They also love to steal the little rubber sink drain stoppers out of the sink..
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We've had that noise here, too. Never knew when a kitten would discover the door stop and "sprooooing"!
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