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Can't take the kitty - so upset

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I was looking forward to getting that new big kitty.

But I can't. We are going back east for our daughter's senior year parents' weekend 10/4. My brother in CT went to see Mom this past weekend and said that she could no longer live on her own anymore. She doesn't really live on her own; she lives in a cottage on my Aunt's property. My Aunt and my cousin have been taking care of her, but my Aunt was just 86.

My brother said she was really bad. I am now finding nursing homes for her near where she lives. Mom has steadfastly refused to live with either my brother or me because she wants to stay with her friends in the Catskills. Most of her friends have passed away.

I am so upset. This may be the last time George, Ben and I see Mom and Grandma. Jenny is only a 3-hour drive away, so she can probably rent a car and see her one weekend in the near future or at Thanksgiving, if Mom lasts that long.

Doing this long distance is stressful. I agreed with my brother that I would take care of it because my nephew is a senior in HS and they are focusing on college. It is not a burden to me. My brother and I are the only ones of our set of cousins who graduated from a 4-year college and I went to grad school. Mom has always believed in us and was there for us and now it is our time to take care of her.

I have just started the process of getting Mom aid to get into the nursing home. It is going to be a long process.

I am just not sure that I will be able to come back home with George and Ben on 10/8 because I may have to stay and organize the move. So, I can't ask them to hold such and adoptable big boy for an indefinite amount of time.

I hope the beautiful big guy finds a good home. He is so beautiful.

Vibes for my Mom and the kitty.
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Why don't you let them know what's going on? It can't hurt to at least ask if they can hold the kitty longer for you. It may be possible, or they may have some other ideas.
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Bless you for being so caring. I hope everything goes smoothly for your mom's transition and that they will hold that big beautiful boy for you.
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Ah, Rosemary. I feel for you and I understand. So does anyone in the so-called sandwich generation. I had to move in with my mom b/c it was obvious she shouldn't be on her own and she refused to move into any kind of senior housing. And now she is too frail... I fear the next step will be into a nursing home. Not looking forward to it.

Good luck with everything! &
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Thanks for you vibes for my Mom. She is just such a wonderful woman. When I was a teen, my Mom said that we would probably disagree lots of time but if we kept in mind that we should just forget what we said the day before and to remember that we loved each other. Worked for us and it worked for my daughter and me, too.

I will ask if they can hold that big boy but if someone else comes first you know that it is in kitty's best interest to be adopted soon.

Thanks agailn.
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I agree that it's best for kitty to be adopted as soon as possible but you never know maybe he'll still be there when you get back Unfortunatly it seems that most cats are in shelters for a long while before being adopted. And even if he does find a home before you get back you could always look at another from the shelter you may just find another that you fall in love with. Vibes for your mom, the kitty, and you.
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I am so sorry

Good thing you have your family and Butzie, who is the sweetest fuzzy angel, to comfort you.
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You're a good daughter, vibes for your mum, and for the rest of your family.

Don't worry about the kitty, if you were meant to have him, he'll still be there waiting for you
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Originally Posted by BabyWukong View Post
You're a good daughter, vibes for your mum, and for the rest of your family.

Don't worry about the kitty, if you were meant to have him, he'll still be there waiting for you
Beautifully said.
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