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Blue Buffalo Wet Food is Disgusting

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Eww I just had the worst experience with Blue Buffalo wet cat food. My 2 cats will usually eat ANY wet food-- they love Wellness but sometimes I buy a can or two of other brands for variety and to save a little money.

I bought a can of Blue Buffalo wet food- I think the flavor was Tuna Grill. Gave it to my 2 non picky cats when I got home from work. I opened the can and it literally smells like a dirty diaper. Ok, cat food usually doesn't smell good anyways, this was just especially bad.

Kara ate a few bites and walked away. Kirby ate some and then walked in my living room and threw up. Kara walked in and scratched around the puke to try to cover it up... lol

Never feeding that stuff again... ick...
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Did you look at the expiration date? Any small dents in the can?
Tuna stinks (whether human grade can tuna or cat food), but it should not smell that bad. The only time I've had a can of cat food smell like that was when it was bad.

The fact that Kirby threw up does suggest the food was bad, too. Watch them. Cats can handle bacteria a in food a bit better than we can, but with canned goods you have to worry about botulism.
If either throw up again, take them to the vet. Go dig the can and any food still in it out of the trash, check it, and put it in a ziplock bag in the fridge.

I tried a couple cans of Blue Buffalo around a year and a half ago. I didn't get any fishy flavors, but overall wasn't that impressed in the quality and can size for the price. I remember the chicken flavor smelling, well, like chicken.

For future reference, for you (and any other readers), if anything you open up smells that bad and even the cats look at you like you're crazy for offering it to them - don't eat it or let them eat it.
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