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9-11 and 9-12

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If anyone can spare a prayer or two for my stepmom and stepsis, they can use it. 6 years ago today my youngest step sis got killed in a car wreck. She was a great girl, I loved her dearly. She was 15. We all miss her, but they have a little harder time with it then I do. I have cried today, but they are worse then me.

Then 7 years ago tomorrow was when my mom passed. I tell people that we just like to get it all done quickly. 2 days, two people lost, within a year of each other. They are both in a better place.

Everyone be safe.
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What a very sad sad loss for you. I will send out a prayer especially for you and your family during this difficult time
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I'm so sorry for how hard these two days must be... many healing thoughts to you and your family.
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Wow, how hard for the family

Sending hugs to you and yours
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thank you guys. I appreciate it. I am more worried for my stepmom and sis in mind. To loose someone when you know they are going... it is expected. She had just turned 50 1 day shy of a month before. She put herself on morphine, knowing she would go. I knew it was coming when I saw her signature on the paper for it.

My stepsis on the other hand was just ripped from our lives instantly. I feel so bad because I know to loose someone so young is harder. She was only 15. That is much more difficult. It hurts me, but they hurt deeper I think. They knew her for her 15 years, I only had the pleasure of knowing her for 4 or 5 years.

Be safe.
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So sorry about your step Sister and Mom.
Sept 13th will be 9 years since my Mom died from Breast Cancer.
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Originally Posted by mews2much View Post
So sorry about your step Sister and Mom.
Sept 13th will be 9 years since my Mom died from Breast Cancer.
wow, I am sooooo... sorry... I don't like when mom's die.
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Sending prayers and vibes out to your family
We lost my nephew to a stranger/murder when he was 18, then less than a year later, my former husband to a mining accident, and a few months after that, my eldest brother was killed by a drunken driver. 3 sudden deaths, 2 involving police & autopsies, far and away, the most difficult for the family was losing an 18 year old.
In fact, my mom joined a group called Compassionate Friends, and the common consensus of their group was that the young children thru young adult was the most painful.
You are right, they are all in a Better Place; for those of us left behind, it remains painful, as the river of Time moves them further away.
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I will pray for you and you family. I am so sorry to hear of this.
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