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Orange Kitten 4 Sale--Cheap (Just Kidding)

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I need to vent.

My foster kitten, Eliot, is driving me insane. His brother and 2 sisters are bad, but he is so, so, much worse. He's either climbing my bare legs, biting my big toe, trying to chew the buttons off my shirt, or attacking my hair. I've tried saying no, and all the other discipline techniques mentioned in other posts about naughty kittens. Nothing seems to sink in.

He finally fell asleep three minutes ago. I know as soon as I make a noise he'll be up again, so I'm trying to type very quietly. Iknow this is just a phase, but its surviving the phase that's the hard part.

Thanks for the opportunity to blow off steam. Here's a picture of Eliot the untamed mini-lion.
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i'm sorry to hear you're having such a hard time, alexnell,
have you tried secluding him, putting him in a room by himself
for awhile? that ususally sends the message loud and clear

one of my cats was like that for about 2 straight months, and by the
end of it, i thought i was crazy so i understand what's it like,
vent all you want !

eessh, he even has that devilish look in his eyes.
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The only room we have left in which to seclude him is the bathroom. My shower curtain would never survive. He'll calm down soon, I'm sure. I just need to be persistent and firm. And patient.
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Could this be the terrbile twos?
He is a beauty - but I can see that devilish look in his eyes!
Hope you survive - I have no answers for you - all my cats behaved very badly when younger - actually my oldest,age 14 still starts most of the trouble - I have gone through many shower curtains - rugs - molding around the doors - screens, etc. The list goes on!
What does it matter anyways?
I live with the cats - they don't live with me.
Good luck!
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I own this really mean cat, well actually she is an angel around the family but she is really mean when a stranger tries to pet her, even if they don't move quickly and let her smell her first. I though you might have a suggestion to her because to me it seems like a similiar stuation. (although I don't think she is nearly as bad as yours, hope you gave luck!)
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Too bad kittens aren't like lizards--just hold them upside down and they fall asleep.

Good luck with Elliot--he' so cute!
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I would suggest something similar to a "trouble chair". I have found this works miracles with troublesome cats. The worst thing to a cat is to be ignored so when he displays undesirable behaviour, take him to this particular place (bathroom, carrier, etc), put him in there, tell him no, and walk off and ignore him for at least 10 to 15 minutes not even aknowledging he is around no matter how much he yelps and meows. Then when the behaviour starts again, do it all over. The first few days will be tough but they get the message really quit. I trained my cats with this every time they would bite or kick. I didn't want to declaw so I tried this method. Now I use it whenever they are bad and they know what's going on.
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How is Elliot's behavior doing? I just had to come to this post again and get another look at his sweet little kisser!
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He's still a bundle of energy, but his behavior is improving a little.He's finally understanding that he can't climb my bare legs.
I've started keeping at least 5 toys within reach of the computer so I can throw them for him when he gets to be too much. His brother, Felix, is keeping him occupied right now doing their version of the WWF. His sisters Asha and Zoe aren't as rough and tumble, but they chase him around, too. All 4 are just little darlings. I love having them here. I'm really trying to savor our last few days together. They're going to another foster home this weekend. They are on solid foods, not nursing on Nora hardly at all. There is another litter of kittens whose mom has rejected them at the age of 6 weeks. They are small and not thriving so we are going to see if Nora will nurse them. We have high hopes since Nora is so easy-going and tender-hearted.

I'll get pics of the other 3.
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Thanks for the update - your furry foster family is beautiful. I can see why you will miss them - wishing all the best........
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I wish I could have all 4 of them
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I think Ttapestry1 has a great idea. When my tux, Socrates, was about 4-9 months old, he would destroy EVERYTHING! Or knock it over by hauling arse thru the apt., etc. I would yell "Soliyude!" and pick him up and confine him to the barhroom for 30 minutes. And it worked! His attitude was much improved after these little isolation sessions. I thought of it as solitary confinement as in movies like Shawshank Redemption.
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My little bad boy has a new mommy!

He's going to be the new love of a lady who lost everything--including her beloved cat--in a fire. I know he'll be cherished and spoiled rotten. And I hope that his sweetness and his funny antics will help lift his new mom's spirits.
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What a happy ending! I am so pleased for all involved. Good Work!
Bet you will miss his antics?!
Elliot has grown into a sweetheart.
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Oh boy AlexNell you have your hands full don't ya!!! I'd take that little orange monster in a second!!! I've become quite fond of orange cats. They all seem to be so vocal and the most bizarre. Funny I should like that huh? :laughing: I guess it's the eccentricities that come along with being a cat lover. There's so much to love over there!!! Look at those beautiful creatures of the Lord's! You're so lucky, but honestly...I'd have to keep them. As for me...there'd be no turning back at this point. You are strong girl!!!

Love & Best of Blessings!!! :angel2:::angel2:::angel2::angel2:
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Elliott is reacting to you as he would a sibling or his mom. When he gets rowdy with you, pick him up, lay him on his back so he is close to your face (but not to close) I use the crook of my arm. Blow in his face gently and take your finger and tap (lightly lightly) his nose. Tell him sharply "NO!" then put him down on the ground immediately. A few times of this discipline, when he starts to climb your legs, lean over, blow and say No and he should scamper away. This is the most effective way of communicating with the babies that I have found. Putting them on their back is a key because it shows you are dominant over them, just don't get swiped with his claws and DON'T tap him sharply, it is not necessary. Good luck!
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Meowman...have you checked your bathroom walls?? Remember hoe Shawshank ended??
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Dearest Hissy!

What an affective piece of advise!!! :daisy: :daisy: :girly2: :bubbly:
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AlexNell; All's well; that ends well. . . . . .Elliot will get so-o-o-o-o much love from his new Mom (and give so-o-o-o-o-o much in return) that before they know it he will grow out of his "Pesky Ways". I can't imagine how hard it must be to be a "Foster Mom"; I would NEVER be able to give them up! Has Nora taken to the new babies yet? I hope all goes well with that. . . . .
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Unfortunately, Nora rejected the 2 new babies. I think it was because they were so desperate for milk they suckled too hard and hurt her. Her nipples were really red and she acted like they were sore. I had to seperate her from them because she strarted hissing and swatting at them. I gave the 2 kittens back to the other foster home for round the clock bottle feedings. I can't do those myself because the lack of sleep makes my depression get too intense. I wish I were stronger, I feel guilty sticking Ruth with all the hard cases. One of the 2 died last week. The other is doing well, and was very charming at our Adopt-A-Pet event. No takers though. Too many "free" kittens available. Too bad people don't understand how much the "free" kittens cost after vaccinations, worming, ear mite medications, and antibiotics for eye and respiratory infections. You try and tell them, but they just tune you out.

Nora (Eliot's mom) went in today to get spayed. I now have her and a little black neutered male. I don't have any good pictures of him, because he's so dark you cant see any of his features, but here's one of my newly sterile gal.
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Did I mention she's up for adoption?

And the Black one too...

And her other 3 kittens...

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AexNell; Good luck with finding homes for all the cats and kittens. Nora is a beautiful Calico. You are an you and everyone else who devotes their time, emotions, and funds to helping these loving creatures find "Someone to Give the Love to" I am always amazed at how much "LOVE" seems to radiate from the soul of a homeless pet; who's eyes scream out "PLEASE, let me prove how much I can mean to you. . . . . "
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I just wanted to bring this thread up to the top so everyone can see what a gorgeous cat Nora is!
I cant believe anyone could be so blind as to think she's ugly!

She looks so loving too...what an imbecile that woman must be...I hope she gets fleas! :laughing: (the woman, not Nora!)

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YOU are surely an . I, for one, could part with these babies if I knew they were going to good homes. That enables you to move on to the more needy. How wonderful!! What lucky little kitties that cross your path.

Hissy, that's exactly what I did with my babies when they would bite me. I would tap their noses (not hurt) and it only took a couple of times and they quit biting me. I've only had two that were kittens when I got them but it worked for them.
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Dearest Alexnell :angel2::angel2:

I just stopped by once again and noticed all of the new postings. I think it's just so fantastic that the lady who had the fire has started by giving herself to a little angel :angel4::kitty5: that needed a home! How unselfish...that really touched my heart.

God Bless You and her...I would love to give you a huge hug and please, if you see her again, give her a big hug from me...I'm sure everyone here would agree. {{{{BIG HUGS}}}....Thanks for your kindness :angel2:

Love &

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I never was able to meet the lady who adopted Eliot. It was arranged by our Humane Society president who was fostering the kittens after we weaned them from Nora (she would've fed her kits forever--too bad we couldn't get her to feed the 2 orphans...). Eliot's siblings were adopted too. Two of them went together (Asha and Zoe). I wish I could always meet the adopters, but I know Ruth will give my/our fosters to good homes.

LOL, I actually said to my husband, "That lady must have had a bug up her butt about somethign." Maybe she does have fleas after all.

Thanks. Oh, and I tried that nose-tap on Eliot. He bit the finger I tapped with.
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Dear Michele :angel2:

Well, I still don't know how you did it. You're one strong woman! That's all I have to say! :laughing: I'm such a sucker. I do thank the Lord that He doesn't put anymore strays into my life these days. It's been very difficult for me these past few weeks with my own health and I certainly couldn't meet the needs to any little babies...although I find them soooooo irresistable! You're a kind soul! :angel2::angel2:

Love, Peace &

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I promised myself I'd refrain from posting any more cute kitten pictures. I lied to myself. I lied bad.
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He did this alot. I really miss the little booger. Hope he isn't trying this on his new mom.
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What the heck--here's Felix again,too.
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