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Vet appt. for spraying

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I'm a little nervous, I've made an appointment for my boys (all 5) to go to the vet on the 16th to get female hormone shots because they spray. I'll let ya'll know how it works. I guess they have to have them every 3-6 months but not more than three times a year. They said there are no side effects. It'll be fantastic if it works.
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Your cats aren't fixed?
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Yes, they're all neutered.
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I'm not sure if I've seen that mentioned on here before - though I don't read every thread so I could have easily missed it.

Let everyone know how/if it works. I'd even suggest sending a pm to the member coaster if it does, he has some issues with one of his that he hasn't been able to resolve (last that I read).
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I havent seen this method mentioned on here either, I actually posted about it before asking if anyone had tried it and didnt get any responses.
I have a friend that got her cat one shot when he was young and he stopped spraying and never needed another shot. It's some form of birth control, depra or depo something or other. I'll post all about it after my appointment.
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Please keep us updated. I have two on Prozac for spraying issues, one male one female. It is working amazingly. My two spray though due to anxiety/poor social skills issues.

It would be great to know how this works for males that spray for none anxiety/interaction issues.
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Not aware of your entire situation, but I would not give my males (neutered) female hormones! My one Russian Blue male had a coat problem and was put on Ovaban (female hormone) in the 1980's. Back then it was used a lot for coat loss problems or neutered males spraying. Not until years later was it found out that the female hormones were causing a lot of males to develop early cancers (less then 8 yrs old). Sadly my Cassie was a victim of those cancers - he died when only 3-4 yrs old!
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My boys are seven, hopefully there wont be any problems. The vet said he's seen it work but its not a sure thing. He also said there were no side effects at all. My appt. it Tuesday
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Hope so, that's what they said about the Ovaban!
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I just wanted to post a little update.
Nermal had a mild reaction to the shot, he grumbled when I touched his side and didnt really move for about a day, and they were all pretty lethargic for about two days. Nermal finally got up and got some food and water (thank goodness) around 11pm on the 17th (Their appointment was the 16th at 2pm) They all seem to be mostly back to normal today, they have been staying in the bedroom sleeping but this morning everyone came downstairs. Arthur came down last night and peed in two spots straight away hopefully that will stop in another day or two. There seems to be a lot more pee in the litter boxes. Oh, and Garfield and Chester threw up the first night, Garfie threw up again this morning but Im also switching foods so that may be the reason.
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When my Stripe got a tumor with Cancer Cells in it the first thing they asked was she on Ovaban. I said I never heard of it and she was on nothing.
I was told then it can cause cancer. This was in 1993.
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Mine got Depo Provera (I think thats what it was) and the vet said that he has no knowledge of it causing cancer (I asked)
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I personally wouldn't give my kitties anything like that! Still interested to see how it turns out..

Sorry to hear about the bad reaction!
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