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Bea's Outdoor Adventures!

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Bea went out on the deck today. She likes outside. It's kinda hot, though, standing on the deck. Made her front feet uncomfortable, she kept laying down & tucking them under her. So being outside didn't last long. (We'd go play in the grass, but it rained earlier today, and it's kinda gross. She wouldn't like to get her paws dirty. )

Most not happy. #1 she's not in the grass, #2 I somehow managed to express her anal glands carrying her outside

Her "signature" post, complete with crabby face

Profile shot. Show off that fluff. Despite looking greasy, she just got a bath less than a week ago.

And a short-ish video of her outside. And in the same video, you can see how well trained I am. Down the stairs, & then open the door for her.

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Jess x
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Oh my gosh I cannot believe she is out without her leash. When I first found Easy outside, she would ALWAYS follow me and come when I called. She wouldnt run off and would stay close by me. She would actually go outside and tinkle and then come right beside me again, so I can understand that with Bea.

Speaking of Easy again, she always does that to me, like Bea in the video where she wants me to follow her, she will meow, walk forward turn around to make sure I am following her and like you, I always am

Bea and Easy are long lost sisters, to me, if they both liked other cats, it could be a match made in heaven
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... Hello lovely BEA!..... you looks so terrific walking around....
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Awwww, Bea! I think she and Adam must have a similar texture to their fur. As Adam's hair has been growing back, I've noticed the fur on his chest and belly gets that way sometimes - looks sort of greasy, but doesn't feel that way! My vet said it's just because the hair is very fine.

She does have you very well-trained!
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Good job, Natalie! Good GIIIIRRRLLLL! ( skritch, skritch)
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Great to see her walking around outside... although she does have a crabby face
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