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Delilah is coughing

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About an hour ago I noticed that Delilah was coughing off and on. She has some very slight clear discharge from one nostril. Her eyes look fine, and she is behaving normally.

She is UTD on all her vaccinations, but she is my one indoor/outdoor kitty. Could she just have a little cold? I've never had a cat cough like that before.

I am waiting on the vet to call me this afternoon with the results of Sprout's fecal, so I will ask about it then. Delilah is already scheduled for her annual exam at the end of the month - we'll see if the vet thinks she needs to come in sooner.
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Sure sounds like she has the classic signs of an upper respiratory infection.
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URI, it's running rampant through the shelter. A course of anti-biotics should clear it up.

FYI, however, one of the worst URIs ever is hitting shelters all over MN. It is killing healthy adult cats & kittens. The sooner you get her to the vet, the better.
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Scary. I saw on the website of the HS in my town that they are not accepting surrendered cats right now due to severe URI. Now I'm really anxious for the vet to call.
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We're getting in kitties who've had it too long to save here. I think if she's just starting to show symptoms, she should be fine. But if you notice any more odd changes, and the vet does determine it to be a URI/start her on anti-biotics, then please do call him again ASAP.
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Sounds like a Uri to me.
My Meeko caught a very bad one last Jan from the Vets.
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Talked to the vet. At the moment she seems fine - no more coughing and no runny nose right now. I'm going to separate her and watch her tonight, and if I see any more symptoms I'll be picking up antibiotics in the morning.
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Well, since yesterday afternoon I have not seen one cough or any runny nose. It's like she quit doing it just to make me look dumb! So I'm hoping this means it was just a minor little thing and won't get any worse.
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