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Stay safe everyone!
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Originally Posted by Crt View Post
... I have water, food, cat supplies, but my biggest fear is being without power which means no air conditioning, etc. etc. I worry about the cats more than I do myself.
You sound just like my sister. She told me the exact same things.

Please let us know as soon as you can that you are okay.
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mom just forwarded me an email from my louisiana relatives...
Well, we made it through another one with no serious damages. It is still very breezy here, with gusts probably still around 35 mph. It was VERY windy and rainy all night and most of the morning. But all I can see around here is small tree branches and leaves and some siding off the garage. And the best part is (knock on wood), we haven't lost power!

I talked to Brian in Northwest Houston, and they are all ok also - no damage or flooding - but they are without power. They are predicting weeks before all of Houston gets power back on. Hope all is well with David and Mike.
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