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Amber's Easter pics (her best so far!)

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We had Amber's pics taken for Easter at Walmart....these are SO cute! (if I do say so myself! Not sure how clear these will be...I'm still new to using a scanner and resizing!

Please bear with me, I can only post one pic per post and there are 3...so give me a few minutes to post the rest....

She smiles ALL the time...but as soon as a camera is in front of her face...she sobers right up....won't smile for nothing! We have never been able to get a pic of her smiling!

She smiled the whole time in line waiting to TAKE the pictures...smiled at everyone...but as soon as we sat her down in front of that camera....nothing. She looked at the guy taking the pics who was trying to make her smile by waving around a stuffed bird, like he was a total moron. It's like she was saying, "Who in the heck IS this idiot?"

BUT...he accidentally caught her smiling at my husband and I when he threw a big blanket over her, so we do now have ONE pic of her smiling!!! And it is the best one!!!! I will save it for last....so here goes.... (give me a bit to post the other two...)

Here's the first one..she seemes to be asking, "What the heck is up with THIS guy??"
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All I have to say is.............Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
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Oh she is so cute! But you know that!
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The second one wondering why she is there...
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I just love those cheeks
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Too cute Debby! My, but she is growing fast!
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The third and best one...she is smiling!!!
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What a beautiful little girl! I think in the second picture, she's thinking "Why is this bunny here? I'M the star!"
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awwwwwwwwwwwwww so cute!!!! She is just as cute as a kitten
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Thanks guys!! They are alot clearer and better in the actual photos....but when I got them clearer they were too large to post. But at least you can see them. I'm so proud of her! (can you tell?)
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I was waiting til they were all up there before I posted... it felt like forever! I can't believe how big she's gotten! And she's just too cute... those cheeks, I just want to squeeze them! That last picture is great (not that the other two aren't - I'm sensing some attitude from them. ), but I LOVE her smile!
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Had to pop in and say "WHAT a cutie!" Love the rug shot!
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Awww! She's a cutie. Hope the Easter Bunny is good to her!
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Great pictures, Debby.
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Too sweet! She's such a little herself ! Thanks for sharing these great pics!
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She is so cute and beautiful and adorable Debby!! You're right to be so proud!!
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Thanks everyone! It took me forever to get these pics scanned and posted...tried several times actually...so I didn't get as many threads and e-mails read as I had hoped. Thanks so much for the compliments!
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Awwwww . . . such a cutie!!!
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She is so sweet!
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Debby...She is so unbelievably adorable! Those rosey little cheeks are to so cute...I just want to squeeze em'! Hope you have a great Easter...I bet she'll be so cute out there looking for eggs! One small request though...MORE PICTURES PLEASE!
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She has the model tude already. you know the 'I'm beautiful and u should all know it, so let's get this done'. like 'I'm beautiful damnit', she's so sweet, my teeth hurt just looking at her pics, I'm sure the easter bunny will be stopping by there early.

How old is she?
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Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Those Pictures are way too cute !!!
Amber is the sweetest thing........ Well Done

Sam ( WellingtonCats )
Come Visit my Cats at.....http://www.imagestation.com/album/?id=4290334289
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What a cutie!! I love the third picture where she's smiling. I bet she's spoiled rotten (as she should be!!) Great Easter pics!
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What a beautful baby! You have every right to be proud! More pictures!!
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I really like all three pictures, but my favorite is the last one!!!

Is Amber a redhead? Her hair looks redish on my computer.
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What a DOLL!!! She takes after her Mommy for sure - just beautiful!
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She is beautiful, Debby!
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Oh Debby, she is so cute!! Those cheeks! Love that last pic, it is adorable.
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What an absolutely beautiful little girl !!!
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