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Bald patches can anyone help

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Jazzy is a 2 year old female spayed princess, she has had some sores on her back which I put some antiseptic pet powder on, but now she has quite large bald patches. I treat her every month with FRONTLINE, I have not changed her diet. She is happy in herself, eats well, toilet functions are fine. I will probably have to take her to the vet but this really really distresses her, she gets car sick and cries like nothing you have eaver heard so I wondered if anyone had any ideas for cause and treatment before I do

thanks for reading
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Go directly to a vet. You can't treat this on your own regardless of any ideas we may have. It could be a frontline reaction or something else but reagrdless you need a vet's help.
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ok I will take her this evening - thanks for the prompt reply
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My little girl cat Cinnie is going through this right now as a matter of fact, she's highly allergic to a flea bite the Vet had told me all she needs is one bite and the hot spots start, she also gets bald spots all over, and she also has sores on her back, when I think I'm putting the frontline on in time, apparently I just miss because every summer this happens. Its frustrating because she's in indoor only cat. I have to take her now myself because some times she needs an anti-inflammatory, she gets so bad. She's also very hard to get to the Vet, sometimes I believe she has ESP because when I'm almost ready to take her she hides on me, its amazing. This might not be your little ones case, it just sounds like Cinnie. Good luck.
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We have been to the vet, as you said as soon as the cat carrier came out Jazzy did a disappearing act on me and it took an hour to eventually extract her from behind the draws in the bedroom. She cried all the way there but for once she wasnt car sick. The vet examined her and the bald spots and advised that he believed that her scent glands which are in her anus may be backed up. He said they normally empty when they have a poo but in some cases they dont and when they get full it makes the back area and base of the tail extremely uncomfortable and itchy. The vet did a rectal exam and confirmed that these glands were full, he was able to empty them for her then and there and he also gave her an anti-inflammatory injection to relieve the soreness where the bald patch is. He said he didnt know why but in some cats the glands do not empty naturally and he advised that this may be a recurrent problem and that i should take her in as soon as she starts biting her back again in future.
I am soooooo pleased I took her straight to the vet as no amount of flea or worming would have sorted it out, it would have just gotten worse and worse.
Thanks ever so much for the advise
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Thats great news, I'm glad he'll be be fine.
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