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Kitty being mean to other cat

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I have two year old cats (brother & sister-Teddy and Paige) who I've had since they were born. I brought in my in-laws 6 year old cat, Mork. I kept them separated from the new cat for a few days, and then slowly brought him out to meet the other two. There was a little hissing coming from the new cat and my two, but the newcomer quickly became friendly (he's a very laid-back little guy). Teddy also got over the hissing pretty quickly, and now him and Mork play together pretty nicely.

Paige, however, who we believe was the "alpha" cat between her and Teddy, has yet to start being nice. It's been a few weeks, and she's still hissing and growling whenever he comes near, even though he's really just trying to check her out and be friendly. She's swatted at him a few times as well. What really concerns me about that is the fact that I never declawed Teddy or Paige, while Mork was declawed as a kitten, before my in-laws adopted him. I keep their claws trimmed, especially now that Paige is swatting. Mork never swats back, he just runs. He also never hisses or growls at her either.

Anyway, is there anything I can do to make my Paige stop being so anal retentive? I still give her just as much attention and love, and she hasn't been mean to me at all throughout this. She's been known to have a bit of a bratty, "better than thou" attitude, so I'm really stumped on how to try to calm her down into the thought of actually being nice to Mork. I've done just about everything on the sticky thread about bringing a new cat in, and she's just still being awful!


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I've had the same problem with one of my girls Cinnie. It was just her and her brother for years, before another kitten came into the house. They are both brother and sister and he accepted everyone, Cinnie excepted nobody. She stopped the spittng and swatting, accepted the fact that they are there but she never gets close to them. Every now and then one of the other cats will chase her under the bed but its peaceful enough. It takes a lot of time and patience. Good luck.
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I'd say that unless you think that the female will actually hurt the new cat, just leave them alone to work things out among themselves.

In spite of his being declawed in the front, he still has his teeth and his back claws, so he isn't exactly defenceless; I've seen declawed cats quite effectively take care of themselves with teeth and back claws--my Zane being a prime example.

It would be nice if they got along, but you can't make them if they don't want to. Again, unless you think that the 'mean' cat is going to seriously injure the other, let things take their natural course. If she's decided that she's the Empress, and the peasants aren't revolting, that's the way it is.
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