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Count down Christmas Challenges

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Hello all (sorry if there is already a thread on this please delete this if there is)

But... XMAS is just a few months away..

Challenges: How much christmas stuff have your brought , and how much will you buy before december.

Have you got any bargains , or will you get any bargains?

Do you buy and spoil your pets on xmas's and birthdays?

So lets see who really is a christmas love bug.
Jess x
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I've got most of my christmas shopping in I started 3 weeks ago so i'm making sure i'm done well before christmas.

I just need a few more for my sister, my neice, great neice and the kits, oh and the team SS when i know who i have, but i have a few kitty toys in already

I love christmas
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I have :

Wrapping paper , gift bags , christmas crackers , a outfit for my friends daughter , christmas cards , christmas tags, erm..think thats it for a minute , but i always see different things i want./.need for christmas to give to people!

I love christmas , the colours the shops , the coldness and the warmth you feel when you have dimmed lights ,you fave blanket on your legs and the christmas lights twinkling on the well made up tree.

Its my kittens first christmas as well , cant wait! They are getting 1 good toy each as well as some treats each and then a big toy they can all play with , or a nice new bed,
Jess x
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I've just got to get a couple more gift bags and tissue paper because i bought some in january I'm just sticking with bags as well because i was fed up wrapping last year I've got my cards in from The Cats Protection as well
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Buying my gift bags , wrapping paper , tags and cards in January saved me at least 15 pounds. Especially as the wrapping paper is disney luxury wrapping paper.

Also the outfit i brought for my friends little girl should of cost 8 pounds i got it for 2 pounds go me!

I never thought of getting stuff from the animal rescues. I am going to do that i think
Jess x
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Me and mum might splash out on a LARGE cat adventure tree for the kittens for Christmas , they will be about 6ish months then.
Jess x
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I bought a fair few cat toys and princess cat bowls for the kitties for xmas, got most of the family x mas presents out of the way as its just presents and souvenirs from Europe.
Will just buy cheap wrapping paper from the reject shop once i get to Australia.
I also plan on doing a lot of baking this Christmas and have cute xmas trays that i bought after sales.
I still have lots of Christmas cards from last year but i bought them very cheap anyway its just stamps that are going to be expensive!
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I have several things already but still a few more to go..
My oldest sister lives in British Colombia so I generally buy the gifts for her, my BIL and their boys early so there is plenty of shipping time..
I picked up gifts for my middle sister and her daughter at a Craft Fair I attended in the summer..
My other nieces I still have to pick out something for and my brother which is no big deal because I always get him the same thing a Bottle of Jack Daniels...
I have also picked up a few odds and ends to give my co-workers early because I will finished my job in October and would like to leave them with a couple of memento's.
I still have cards, wrapping paper, all that stuff to get but that shouldn't take long..
I always use to do a gift box for the animal shelter but unfortunately our local shelter closed it's door the end of last I guess I will have to get this ready for one of the neighboring communities that does have a shelter...
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Sounds like were all doing pretty good..

Things are kittys will need by christmas are

New bigger bowls
New toys
Bigger new bed
Possibly new scratching post,
New collars

So they will be treated well!
Jess x
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We cook a nice meal together since there is just the 2 of us nearby, and my sister can neither travel or be left alone. My daughter celebrates with her, her former inlaws, and of course our darling granddaughter, Olivia.
My dh's boss usually has some kind of celebration, but I worked on Christmas the past 2 years.
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I have several people all shopped for already and ideas for several others.
I plan on making some herbal spa and cleaning products and hopefully Neil can turn some bowls or vases on his lathe too.
I picked some stuff up right after Christmas last year and sale stuff (like golf balls) last month.
I always have tons of wrapping stuff on hand and cards and I bought tape on sale last month.
I'm sitting pretty good right now!!
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I think i am going to challenge myself to get 2 presents every day tens . and within a month and half i should be good to do and if i have any money left over i shall be buying cheap decorations for my bedroom

I do love christmas!
Me and my brother open are stocking xmas morning before making coffee and stuff for our parents lol. By nine o clock present opening is over and we all nap and then fiddle with new stuff , eat chocolate. and then tend have a lovely xmas dinner. i usually get new jammas at xmas and change into them straight after dinner
Jess x
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Great idea for a thread

I haven't bought anything yet as far as Christmas gifts go, but will probably do so soon. When I went to the Navy base on Monday though I looked around the exchange for a few hours and made a mental list of things I want to go back and buy for my family for Christmas (they always have tons of great stuff there!!!). I'll also do more shopping in other stores too when I get a little extra money! I love looking for bargins so i'm hoping to find quite a few!

I always get my pets something for Christmas too!
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Were all doing so well!!

Jess x
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I love Christmas, but I usually do very little Christmas shopping.

Keep in mind, however, that I work for Toys R Us, which is a little like being one of Santa's elves.

I HAVE bought my first piece for my SS gift, though.
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I may be getting one or two more bits today.. possibly!
Jess x
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Anyone else done more christmas shopping or have any more christmas ideas?
Jess x
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I havent even started yet. I wasnt to start this weak though. I just dread thinking about how much money I will spend. I made a budget on what I will spend on people and I am still spending way to much.

I will be spending no more then $50 each on the parents. Thats my Mom and Jesse's Mom and dad.
Thats already $150 max

No more then $20 on each sibling. That is my sister and brother inlaw and jesse's brother. That is $210 max all thogether

No more the $15 on the nieces and nephews. That includes Darien and my sisters little baby that is not here yet. That is $240 all thogether

Then of course me and Jesse which I say no more then $100 each which is $440 and then the baby which $150 if even that which is a whopping $590 for christmas. This may not be alot to many but to me it is a ton.
I am keeping in mind that this is the most I will spend. I am hoping that I find some good deals and end up spending a lot less. I know what I am getting Jesse's mom and that will be $30 so I am already saving money there. Lets hope the rest of the shopping goes that way.
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Wow seems u have things pretty much planned

I will be spending 50ish on my mum (depends what babysitting jobs i get and what dad helps me out with) 10-20 on brother again depends what i have at the time..

about 100 pounds for different people i have to buy for..

SO im looking at 300 pounds this year , which is alot for a full time college student with no job.. apart from babysitting here and there.
Jess x
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I haven't bought anything yet, but I do plan on buying Rob's gift soon. And his birthday gift (his b-day is Dec 18. When he was growing up his parents combined it w/ Xmas, but I told him that he will always have it separate with me ). The only problem with buying him something I know he wants is that he could very well buy it himself before hand We'll probably not go too crazy with other gifts this year for other people because our house SHOULD be finished by the end of the year (so there is a mortgage payment added to our lives!), we're spending a lot on one another, and we went nuts with Xmas gifts for family 2 years ago (spent about $2k).

I do plan on getting bargains - I bargain shop! I bought my mom Gucci Rush perfume one year - at the stores it went for $65 or so. I found it online for $35 She freaked when she thought I spent so much, but I told her I got a great deal. I don't know how good of a deal I'll get on Rob's gift, because they only really sell it in one place.

I do spoil the kitties on Xmas too (and birthdays!). I don't know what I'm gonna get them this year though because they already have everything a cat could want They each have their own cat tree, litter box, food & water dishes, baskets of toys, kitty cubes, scratch pads... But I'm sure I'll find something - probably more toys and maybe a new scratching post for Nero. It'll be his first Christmas He thinks Meowmy is a scratching post right now!

So money wise, I'll probably be spending about $460 for Rob, and ~$25-50/family member (mom, dad, brother, MIL, FIL, BIL). And about $50 on the kitties since I cant really think of anything big to get them! And then there's the TCS SS stuff
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I think the kittens will have the following from me (mum will buy them stuff too)

New bowls ,at the moment they have those horrible looking plastic double feeders.

They can also have a new basket with some new toys and treat.. and ill sprinkle the wrapping paper with cat nip so they can actually rip the paper! (will make nice pics) and maybe a new bed too

Its all about money , no one will give a full time college student a part time job , maybe nearer to christmas though..

I maybe get 40 pounds a month through baby sitting (on a good month) so..its not to major!

I already have cards and gift wrap and 2 presents so far.
Jess x
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I brought my brothers christmas gift yay!

I got him a dvd - Van helsing i think its called..and a big bag of skittles (the sweets) and if i can afford to ill probz get him a tshirt to.. i kept it in the budget of under 10 pounds yay!

Jess x
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Yay its going well!!

Today , i brought 2 art set things and 1 large acitvity book set , which will be presents for 2 people , so thats my friends daughter and step daughter brought for

Jess x
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Am i the only one getting the shopping done lol?
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