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Non-itchy..pimple-like scabs?

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Hi, One of my two female cats (3 years old) has small pimple-like scabs on her forehead, just on the outside front of her ears, under her coller, and around her armpits. No where else. The ones around her armpits can be a bit bigger and should you pull the hair near the scab then a clump of hair will come loose and leave a non-bleeding but rather shockingly deep wound behind. The scabs have a crusty top to them but otherwise look like pimples. She is allowed outside during the day and does come into contact with other cats. Shes had these off and on in varying amounts a while.. our other cat (sister from same litter) has no signs of them. They dont seem to itch or hurt in the least.. even when it involves the "hair clump hole-thing"

I live in Sweden.
Does anyone have a suggestion before i take her to the vets?

Oh, I dont see any signs of fleas and i worm her regularly. They eat Royal Canin Light and have done so for about 2 years.

Thanks for any and all help!
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Mine gets these things also, when I pet some of them they have little crusty bumps on their necks, some times in other areas. I fine tooth comb them to get them off, it doesn't hurt them and they like me to get it off with the comb. I know its from fleas even though there are times when I use the comb I don't see any of them. Then I just put frontline on them. Being yours go out it might be bites from bugs. Good luck.
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Pixel gets little sores like that on her face during a bad herpes flare-up. when she was 1st diagnosed, she had many of them - plus had started getting them on her 'wrists' as well.
a few days of lysine treatments dried them right up - they were pretty much gone inside of a couple of weeks.
she gets lysine everyday, now, with extra if she has a flare-up.
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Thanks for your replys.. I finally saw physical evidence of a flee (jumped on my face.. UGH) so I "frontlined" my girl and saw just now my other cat has two scabs under her collar... so ill treat her as well.. time to clean like crazy and then see what happens Ive always treated them in the spring and never seen a flee lol got a good close up yesterday though.. blah. Just the one though so I'm hoping i caught it before my house has "caught it"!

If the Frontline doesnt take care of it then ill be in touch with the vet.. you can bet!

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