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Question of the Day - September 11th!!

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Do you have any magazine subscriptions or read any magazines regularly?

I currently have a subscription to Cat Fancy that was a birthday gift last year. Other than that, I pick up Dog Fancy and Horse Illustrated once in awhile. Also get a Corvette magazine, and a Volkswagen magazine occasionally.
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I have subscriptions for Canadian Living, and Cat Fancy...I do regularly buy Reader's Digest and am thinking of getting to that as a subscription as well...

I did have a subscription to Twilight Zone Magazine for years which I don't think they even publish anymore...
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I only have one subscription right now and it is Cat Fancy.
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I have no subscriptions at the moment but i do read the following

-Pick me up
-Take a break
-Thats life
-Love it
-Real people

Some times i buy all these in a week , luckily enough there under a pound each! Alot of people dont know how i read it as some of the real life stories are very heartbreaking/disturbing ,, but it has taught me what CAN and DOES happen in life..

Cat fancy , is this american? i have never seen it before?
Jess x
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I have a subscription to Cat Fancy.
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Originally Posted by junior_j View Post
I have no subscriptions at the moment but i do read the following
same feelings here...

-gatos y mas gatos
-animales de comania

those are magazines about cats breeds, behaviour and more...
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Nope, no subscriptions.
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As of now I only have National Geographic that my boyfriend bought as a present for me.

I would love to get Cat Fancy. I have received that magazine since I was at least 13 years old (along with dog and horse). I stopped a few years ago. Thanks for the reminder! Lol
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I have subcriptions to CAT FANCY, NEWSWEEK, ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY, TV GUIDE and THE STRAND, which is a four time a year Mystery Magazine.
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Dont really ahve a subscription, but i regularly read horse illustrrated and cat fancy
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yes..I get 2 called " our canada" ..and the other one is called rangefinder...
which is free to photographers in the us and canada.
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right now I have subscriptions to Family Circle, Cooking for Two, Healthy Cooking and Taste of Home and Redbook. I'm pretty sure most of them are expiring here shortly, I don't really have time to read them! In the past I have had subscriptions to Glamour, Cat Fancy, Woman's Day, Good Housekeeping, Quick Cooking, Rachael Ray's mag, I have a little bit of a magazine addiction
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Not a one! Nor newspapers. Not even any I buy regularly. I've had a few subscriptions given to me as gifts over the years, but they're all expired now.
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I have a kid in middle school. Please, I buy how many we need to get whatever Ben wants as the prize. So:

Martha Stewart
Cooking Light
Sports Illustrated
Scientific American
Time (for home and for our daughter at college)
People (in Spanish)
National Geographic

They weren't offering Cat Fancy.
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I have a subscription to Cat Fancy.
I also buy First,Woman's Day, Good Housekeeping all the time.
I also buy Racheal Ray, Family Circle and other Cat Mags if they have them in the store.
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I have subscriptions to.......

Old House Journal
Old House Interiors
This Old House
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Most of my magazines are hunting related. I get Bowhunting, North American Whitetail, and Field & Stream.
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The only subscription I have at the moment is Westworld, which comes with my BCAA membership. I'm not really that much of a magazine fan, though I have had subscriptions in the past to Canadian Living, Cat Fancy, Reader's Digest, and others, and enjoyed them. But I don't really have time to read them on a regular basis, so I just pick up what I want when I hear that there's an article I want to read, or when it appeals to me on the newsstand.
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Cat Fancy
Vintage Guitar
Street Rodder
Car Craft
Texas Highways
Country Extra

Maybe a few more.
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The only subscription I have is Reader's Digest.

It's a lot smaller than it used to be and I am still annoyed because they cut the number of words in "Word Power". But it gives me something to read with my morning coffee for a couple of days.
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The Economist
National Geographic
Scientific American

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I've subscribed to Cosmopolitan and Redbook for years Love them both!!!

I also get a free Nest magazine every few months and really enjoy that one as well!

As far as things I buy once in a while but don't have a subscription too- I like Glamour, Real Simple, Martha Stewart Living, Better Homes & Gardens and Southern Living
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