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A good simaratin

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A firefighter rescued a cat from a burning building. The cat was unconscious due to smoke inhalation. Once the building was clear and no people or animals were left inside, the firefighter resuscitated the cat. Click here to see a video. It's not the best quality but it's not the worst either.

P.S. If this needs to be moved to Fur Pics, that's fine with me.
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Aww, what a great firefighter!

If I was ever a firefighter, I would probably rescue the animals first. I figure humans have enough sense to figure out how to get out but animals don't.
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Thanks for the link! That's really cool!
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I wonder if the cat was ok since he waited to resuscitated it? Lack of oxygen to the brain kills it.
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aww what a great guy. I hope that cat made it though alright
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It's my understanding from reading the news story that the FF started the mouth to mouth the minute he found the cat and was doing that while he carried the puss out of the building. Then laid him on the ground - continued and then put him on O2.
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This kind of good news made my day...
God bless his soul to help the kittys!...
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