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Questions for the cooks out there

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Alright folks, does anyone have a really good chicken soup recipe? It is soo cold right now (well, I feel frozen) and its supposed to get down to 40 tonight. So Im wrapped up in a blanket thinking its time to start cooking warm stuff again. I've made chicken soup plenty before, & I always use boullion cubes but the broth never tastes really chicken-y. Tips? Suggestions? I'd love to try a new recipe.

Also, has anyone ever tried freezing lasagna? I was thinking I could buy one of those throw away foil pans and make a lasagna to freeze for when I dont feel like cooking. I'm gonna google it but I thought I'd see if anyone had done it here first. How'd it turn out if you did. How did you use the noodles? (the no boil kind, uncooked, pre cooked?)
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When I'm in the mood for a chicken soup/stew type of dish, I actually prefer white chili myself. I know it isn't what you asked, but it's really awesome.

This is my favorite recipe, with one exception. Instead of all white beans, I like to use an equal mix of white beans and pinto beans.

White Chili

Edit to add: Sometimes I leave out the cloves as well; it's a mood thing.
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Regarding the lasagna, yes, it freezes very well. My advice would be to not cook the lasagna completely (about 10-15 minutes left than you normally would) before you freeze it. That way you can finish cooking it right before you eat it.

One warning though: when you want to eat it, it would be much better if you thought about it in the morning and left the lasagna out to thaw during the day. A completely frozen lasagna can take a long time to cook!
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One hint for making really good chicken soup is to buy the pre-made campbell's broth and use that as a soup starter..Then just add your chicken, tons of veggi's and noodles...It costs about the same as the cubes but has a better flavor..

Also to make a really hardy chicken stew..use the same procedure, add extra veggies, celery, carrots, potato's chopped larger. Skip the noodles then thicken with a rue made of oil and flour..It freezes really well and is quite filling...
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My father in law makes great chicken soup. He boils the chicken - usually legs and thighs, takes them out and adds a couple boullion cubes to the broth. Add seasonings, don't forget bay leaf.
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All of those recipies sound really good! Have to start thinking of cooking for cold weather again! Grrr... I hate cold weather!
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I've never had white chili, Im gonna try that recipe, thanks!
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Since there are only the two of us a pan of lasagne can last a long time!!

After I bake the lasagna and have leftovers I cut into serving pieces and manuever each piece into a ziploc bake and freeze. I try to make it with a bit more sauce as it seems a bit dry when I reheat.

For the soup I only use Swanson's chicken broth (best tasting in Cook's Illustrated taste test. I know you can buy a stewing chicken and make your own (and freeze). But you can use a stewing chicken (more flavor) you will have to cut it up and cook in the broth and then remove and shred the meat and add back in. The broth might have to be strained a bit too. Dark chicken meat will add more flavor than white meat.
I like adding the "kluski" style noodles-they are thicker than the regular egg noodles.
You can have bouillon cubes on hand and add-I buy chicken/beef/veg stuff from Penzey's spices and use instead of bouillon though as its not so salty.
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