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This is as far as I got: Senior cat/New Kitten

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I thought I was doing the right thing back in July, taking in this little kitten that got dumped in car lot and ended up burnt in an engine. Very slowly by using pheromones,screen doors, cages, t-shirt rubbing, vanilla, interaction aggression feeding techniques I tried to get my 13 year old to tolerate him during the day but the kitten has to be standing still for her, that is as far as I get before hitting this brick wall.

The second he moves, which is mostly to dash in the opposite direction she is in, she follows and before I know it she has gotten about dozen nasty attacks off on him. Fur is flying, he is crying, she is even swatting me, I have to wear gloves. Last time he was limping for two days and I had go ER from a surprise attack at night which was odd as he was locked in other room.

Is this as bad as it sounds or is there something left to do? It seemed like an improvement as she stopped hissing and yowling plus allowed me to bring him within 1 foot of her but he is not allowed to move, that is the problem. Could this be "I'm boss mode" or is this too vicious to allow to see if it resolves on its own as I'm tired of months of 5min interactions, maybe that is the problem?
Everyone else I know just has cats deal with themselves after four days they are licking each other. He is 5lb now and she is nearly 7 but she still looks twice as long as him. As of three days ago I can no longer trim her nails now without fear for myself.

History: only 500sq foot apartment, like two 12x15 rooms and thin strip for kitchen and bathroom. Most of her life with no kids, human interaction or other animals but always kind to me. Nearing the end of her life I believe as she been vomiting for two years, down 4lbs to 6.7 now, has that eye glare pain look at times and twitching few hours a day yet $800 now and the vet finds nothing major.

Every shelter here has told me put older cat down, even if she has 1/3 of the day where she seems fine. My friends tell me they would never put up with the life controlling stuff she done over the years yet the vet says oh she could live to be 20 but of coarse wants hundreds more in tests I dont have so there is that agenda.

I got $1500 in this situation, I am way bonded to this mellow young kitten. Whichever cat I would give to shelters I been told flat out will be put to sleep the same day. Wisconsin has too large of dumping/ feral kitten issue they say and I would not even think of dumping my 13 year old cat, I think putting her down would be kinder anyway. Nor will I give up this kitten with special needs to these women with 4 declawed cats, two dogs and 3 kids that only see's what is going on 3 hours a day and wonder why they have peeing issue with so much chaos in the house.

He needs to keep his claws from the burns, not have free access to food as he is a major glutton to point of sickness and patiently teach him biting isnt cool nor have more crappy adult cats in house.

With my MS and knee surgery coming up in two months I am going have make decision here soon and finally get sleep again. How would I feel to lose little one only have her pass few months later? Sadly though I hope its not all based on anger it leaning towards having to end the oldest life. Yeah maybe she has few years left, quality I dont think so but its no win situation now, she had 13 years of very good life, he has only had 16 weeks and rocky road so far. You kinda what be there personally to make sure he gets the full attention and same chance at happiness if only she comprise for at least half the day and let him run around some.
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Wow! That is a tough one to have to decide. I know you have bonded with this kitten, but the other one has been your companion for 13 years. Is it possible to rehome the kitten to someone you know so you can see him and know he is well taken care of?
I wish you prayers and vibes for what must be a heartwreiinching decision.
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I can get them to eat within 2 feet of each other too. He finishes his food so fast though he has a habit to go to hers but actually maybe because her mouth is full she didnt attack the one time he slipped past me. I'm thinking I have territorial issue or she finds his behind offensive ? I mean its 99 percent of time he doing his own thing with his back turned she goes all cheetah on him. I been locking her in other half of apartment 8hrs a day which has been his the last two months but I am only week into that. She scratches the door so bad and whines its hard do that too long yet little male angel not only does not scratch the door he is perfectly silent from 9pm to 5am. I dont want her teaching him bad habits either.
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