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They're all gone

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I just found a home for Davy the last of the kittens. His sisters left a few weeks ago. I've had a few people want him, but I finally found a good family for him. They just had to put their big boy Sparkle down, He had kidney failure. Their daughter goes to school with my son. They also told us we can come visit him if we want. I am sure he is in god hands, but I am sure going to miss that little stinker.
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oh my friend.... don´t give up!... that was the best for they I mean I´m so sure they will be soo loved by their new familys......

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Its always hard re homing , a animal , especially kittens.puppies but all animals none the less.

But if you dont want to visit him because you may miss him more or wanna brin him back , just ask them to email pictures/send pictues and email , send updates for you to know he is fine and happy , thats what we done to the 2 breeders of our 4 kittens , we send regular photos and updates and they love that
Jess x
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Awww, I know it is hard. I will miss my little ones when they go too. All the more reason to become a foster parent. You get an endless supply of kitty love.
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