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Weird/Exotic Breed - can someone identify?

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I need to find out what breed these cats are. Note the pointy long nose and slanted eyes. I want to buy one or two.. or three. Any help or information is appreciated thanks!

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Those like Oriental Short Hairs to me.


I'm sure Epona (who has them) can give you even more information on the breed.
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That's easy They are Oriental Shorthairs. The breed is basically a Siamese in a non-pointed coat. They come in every color under the sun that you can imagine. From solid colors, to tabbies, to bicolors and calicos. I think there are several hundred color combinations now

They are active and talkative cats, following you around and helping in everything you do.
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Yes they are Oriental Shorthairs for definite - I have 2 and they are the most wonderful cats! They are active, intelligent, confident, and bond VERY strongly with their humans and need to be kept entertained and given a lot of fuss and affection.

Unlike their coats which are easy to care for, their personalities tend towards the 'high maintenance' end of the scale as they are not the sort of cats you can leave for long periods to do their own thing or they can get bored and depressed - having more than one of the same age - littermates is ideal - can really help with this though if you have to leave them at home while you work so it's great that you are already considering more than one When you are at home, don't expect to be able to do anything without help, many like to play fetch (one of mine can go for hours without tiring, long after my arm feels as though it's going to fall off), and when tired from play they like to stay close to you or even better still on your lap.

But as long as you can give them plenty of attention, cuddles, and interactive play, they return your love tenfold and really are the most wonderful companions.

One word of warning though - they are LOUD cats. They have the Siamese yowl and talk A LOT. One of mine even talks in his sleep, and sometimes he makes a noise like a baby crying that you can hear from out on the street, the other one is quieter but whines like a dog! So if you would find that annoying please don't get this breed, they would quickly drive you insane. If however you like the idea of having cats that like to talk to you a lot, and call you from another room when they want you to go and look at something, then go for it

Edit to add: There is nothing in your post to hint at which part of the world you are in, if you are in the UK let me know if you are interested and I can maybe help put you in touch with some good breeders
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