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I need a book to read! Pronto!

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I need book recommendations! My favorite author, Karen Moning, is putting out the next installment in her series.. and I have to wait SIX DAYS! I need something to read NOW! ;-;

Romance or end of the world stories! Ones with a good plot.. ^^ That's what I'm craving!

Or any other suggestions..
Also, has anyone read "The Road" by Cormac McCarthy? I just finished it.. oh man, it was fantastic!
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Not sure if I can help with a romance, but I WILL recommend the book I just finished yesterday. It's "You've Been Warned" by James Patterson. Normally he writes investigative things, but this was definitely different. It had romance, and "end of world" in a way. It is kind of a combination of romance, paranormal, mystery with a touch of freakiness! But honestly, I couldn't put it down!!
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Oooh, sounds awesome! ^_^ I will *definitely* look into that!
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Originally Posted by Fiery View Post

Also, has anyone read "The Road" by Cormac McCarthy? I just finished it.. oh man, it was fantastic!

Omg funny! As I was reading your post and saw “end of the world†requests that is the first book that popped into my mind! (The Road).

What a fantastic book! My boyfriend bought it for me and I remember hated the first part because it is written so differently then what I am used to. I ended up totally loving it and recommending it to all my friends and family.

Other then that book I cant think of anything off hand. I do however have lots of great books at home. Since we loved the same book ill see if I have anything else comparable.
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The Road *really* makes you appreciate what you have. As long as the grass is still growing and birds grace the sky, today is a good day!

I'd like more books similar to Steven King's "The Cell".. except that ended HORRIBLY. I like Zombies that get smarter, like I think they would, vs. psychic zombies.. yeah, that was weird.
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The road was great. I loved how you really felt the bond between father and son. How you felt their love for each other. Maybe ill read that again someday. What an amazing book. Ophra Book club too, that’s how I found out about it.

Well Zombies are my specialty… It is the biggest thing all my friends and family make fun of me about LOL I LOVE Zombies!

Brian Keene is a favorite author of mine. He has a set of two books that I have read 5 times already called City of the dead and The rising. I normally don’t recommend these books to people since its very gorey and most people think I am a freak for reading it. However, if your light hearted and don’t take much offensively he is an excellent writer with a very dark and dry sense of humor. You also get attached to the characters in the book.

Ill check when I get home though. Brian Keene is extremely gorey. Not everyone’s cup of tea. Oh! Actually, I forgot… me being the Zombie Queen my boyfriend just bought me another Zombie series which I am currently reading and loving it! They are stupid Zombies though. The author is David Wellington, the books are Monster island, Monster Nation and Monster planet.

Brian Keene is my man though =) He has an odd perception on how the Zombies came to earth. its different then most.
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I just bought Anathem by Neal Stephenson. Just reviewed in Wall Street Journal.

A large novel about a group of intelligent people living in a sanctuary that disavows technology (set in future). Some of this group go outside into the outside world. There is a global disaster where both groups have to work together. ( summed up of book jacket)
The review was interesting and I have another book by same author.

This will hold you for the 6 days!!
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