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New carpeting - do we need to be concerned?

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We just got new carpeting put in our dining room and hall and he is installing new carpet in the living room today. I took our cat to the kennel to stay in a cat condo for the last two days. When I get home with him after work today I'm going to put him in the bedroom for a bit first until we can get all the furniture moved back and all his cat stuff like the cat tree and scratching posts put back where they belong so it's not so confusing for him. I'm just worried that the carpet will feel different to him and that he might start "kneading" the new carpet. I did have his nails trimmed over at the kennel so they won't be as sharp. If he starts scratching the new carpet (he was doing that to the sample pieces that I brought home), how can I get him to stop? Hopefully it won't be a problem at all though. He's real good about using his scratching posts.
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You probably won't have any worrys if he's not doing it now and does use the post. You need to check and trim the nails once a week to keep him from clawing so much.

Or you could get the SoftPaws nail caps (and trim the nails first) to put on him.
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I'd get him a new cardboard scratcher, so the novelty of that will keep him from wanting to scratch the carpet. But I agree, if he isn't a problem carpet-scratcher already and is good about using scratching posts, that isn't likely to change now.
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Yeah, I'm sure I'm worrying about nothing.
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Yep, I was worried about nothing. He didn't scratch at the new carpet at all. He did seem kind of freaked out all night walking around like he knew something was different but couldn't figure out what. Hopefully, he'll be used to it and back to his crazy self tonight.
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Mine kneaded and dug their claws into the new carpet a few times, but ultimately didn't seem interesting in scratching it. To them, carpet isn't something they really recognize as a scratching surface.

Always provide something other then carpet covered scratchers, if possible. Most cats love sisal and cardboard, so one or both options together work well.
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He loves his scratching post covered with sisal rope. He's all back to not being freaked out anymore.
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