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my other furbabies!

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i am so sorry that one picture is SO big! i have tried to make it smaller 3 times already! i have made it smaller on photobucket but it is still showing up the big one!

hi again,

here are some pictures of my other furry kids!

iorek, 7 month old, samoyed puppy

one of his favourite places to sleep, until he got bigger!

fawkes (with me, please ignore me!), 1 year old, sable ferret

fred, 2 1/2 year old, cinnamon sable monster!

fred and fawkes (with me again!) showing the difference in size!

they are all such cuties! i love having a multi-species home. they all bring their own special things to the mix. it is great!
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I'm in love.. with ALL three of your non-kitty furbabies

What is Iorek like? I love Samoyeds, but I heard that they can be snappish (or maybe my friend just spoilt hers rotten ) Iorek looks SO sweet though, posing for the photo with a coy smile and showing off his fabulous double-eyelids! Btw, what does his name mean?

The two ferrets are lovely too
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thank you! i love all my furbabies too!

iorek is great! he is so sweet and funny and silly. he is wonderful. i just love him! i have been waiting sooooooo long for a puppy and he is great! i have read that samoyeds are stubborn and i have to say, iorek really lives up to that sometimes! since he is our first puppy aside from the ones we had when we lived at home, my husband and i decided that we should take him to obedience, more for us than him. it is working out great. we are in obedience 2 now and he is one smart cookie! he is not snappish at all, in fact i have never seen him even make the motion to be aggressive in the least.

iorek is the name of the polar bear king in the golden compass book/movie. when we got iorek he was severely under socialized and super scared of everything. we thought that if we gave him the name of a brave polar bear king he would have to live up to his namesake! i think that it worked because he really has come a long way in the last 2 1/2 months. all of my furkids have names from books, except for blue.
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Its great that you were able to rid Iorek of his fears Was he abused before?

I keep going back to look at the first photo of him - he looks so darn sweet I just want to cuddle him and squish him

Oh you have to share more of your three sweeties' photos
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no, he was not abused in the traditional way you think of abuse. he was at the breeders until he was 4 1/2 months and he was not outside the door before we took him home! he didn't know how to do stairs, he didn't know what grass was! poor guy! he really came miles and miles and miles since we brought him home. i think that i would never have adopted from this breeder had i known more about her. i didn't choose her. my friend has iorek's brother and he is such a great dog. so, when the opportunity came up to get a puppy and we found out that the breeder still had some available we decided to get one from her. our only deciding factor was that ryder was a great dog, healthy, calm. i know that is probably not the smartest, but we have iorek now and i am very glad that we have him and not someone else who might not have taken the time to help him out. the fear could have quite easily turned to fear aggression if we didn't take the time to help him feel more confident. the breeder breeds healthy dogs, she just doesn't take the time to socialize them as she should.
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They are all adorable!
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What cuties!
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thanks guys!
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okay that is one adorable puppy! He's sooo fluffy!!!
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Very cute animals!
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