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Chasing her tail....

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Hey everyone. I just rescued a kitten a couple weeks ago. Her name is Sundae and I will post a thread introducing her to you all shortly and ask another question that isn't directed for this forum.

Now, I have only had one cat of my "own" (not in my parents' house) so he's all I have to judge from, which isn't much. This new kitten has a very long tail! And she sees it from the corner of her eye almost every second. She will spend 30 minutes chasing her tail. She's done this since the day I brought her home. I know with dogs it is a good idea to NOT let them do this, as it can become obsessive behavior. Is it the same with cats or is it harmless fun? If I should be stopping her from doing this, how? Should I just use the ol' spray bottle or actually try to redirect her energy into something else, say the laser pointer or her favorite ball? (which she has btw lol). Thanks in advance.
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I've always let them play with their tails, unless their hurting themselves then thats something different, but if its just that they see it moving and chases it, especially if shes very young. Thats just being a kitty.
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My Mittens chases her tail. Say if she is laying on her side grooming or something, she will see it move & then go after it for a few minutes. i think its cute & funny. i let her do it.
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