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My talkative cat

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Wilbur has been ignored since the new cats arrived.

He CONSTANTLY talks to me. I hope he's just talking. if he's trying to tell me something I'm not getting it.

But here is some examples. Keep in mind, I'm coaxing him to do it here. but believe me this is pretty constant.
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Aw, poor Wilbur! "Hey what about me?!" Too funny.
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Oh my goodness, another Rosie!!
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hehe. Rosie sounds cute when she does it though, this guy's voice is piercing to say the least.

Notice the matt in the middle of the floor? that's suppose to be at the sink but they decided it was a fort months ago they just need to yank and tug on it until it folds up. It's flat in the vid but you get the idea. it's NEVER where I put it after about 5 minutes
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Awwww Wilbur sounds sweet as well. Your holding down a conversation like i do with Rosie and it's great Making a den out of the matt is brilliant as well
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Aww bless his little
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Aw, what a darling! I LOVE talkative kitties. Your conversation with him sounds a lot like hubby's conversation with Evie this morning!

Only hubby says they were discussing financial investments.

You two must have some good conversations, too!!
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So cute! Poor thing must be feeling so left out.
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