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animals of iraq

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I just looked at the images of war on msnbc site, they have a picture of a starving tiger, its the saddest thing. Seems that they had their own private zoos at those palaces and they left them all to starve to death in their cages and when the army found them they were starving and in such poor condition, I know there is alot of human suffering over there, but this really made me so sad. They are locked up and cant fend for themselves. Its such a shame. When there is a storm of hurricane or whatever I always think of how the stray or wild or animals in zoos will suffer, I cant help it, its just the way I am. I hope they can get the ones that are left some food. Its just heartbreaking to see.
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I just saw a story on the news. All that is left are the lions and tigers. Looters took the rest of the animals: monkeys, birds, etc. Lord knows what they're going to do with them. It is surmised that the big cats were a bit too ferocious to steal.
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Thats so sad
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I've read on CNN's website that the soldiers have been feeding the big cats with local goats.

Who would be the best party to go in and rescue the animals? World Wildlife Federation? Someone should get a move on...
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There's an international organization (I can't remember the name) that has been going to war-torn countries and taking care of their zoo animals. Some months ago, there was an article in People magazine, about their efforts in Afghanistan. It may not be safe, yet for them to go in. UNICEF, the Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders have had to pull out, at various times.

As much as we like animals, though, getting food an medical care to people has to come first.
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That's so sad!
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That is just so very very sad...I hope they can help them somehow.
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