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I HATE this printer

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I have been using the same printer since i started collage(Fall of 2004) and its starting to get old. I hate it so much because half the time it says its out of paper when I just refilled it. Its getting to the point where I have to feed it one sheet at a time.

Tom doesn't like it either, every time I try to print something he has to come running at bat at it with his paw. He has also jammed my printer a few times by standing on the page that is coming out of the printer.
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Are you planning to get a new printer? Asking for recommendations? Or just venting?
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Venting or maybe if anyone knows a REALLY cheap printer I could pick up that would be great. I have 0 money left over this month(don't even know if I can afford food next week) so I don't know what I will be able to find.
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Well if it's a choice between food and a printer would food not be priority?
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It probably just needs to be cleaned. I had a printer that wouldn't feed the paper in at all. I took it in and $54 later I found out that a Q-Tip had found it's way in and was blocking the paper feeding. The Q-Tip was courtesy of my sweet Abby
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When I had my deskjet I disconnected it, shut down my computer, reconnected and restarted again and that took care of the problem (for a while).
I bought a black/white laser printer from Office Depot/Office Max for like $60 on sale.
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