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Vibes for my mother please

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The battery life indicator alarm just went off in her ICD this morning.
This means that in the very near future she will be running off to Seattle for surgery to replace the battery.

I'm not worried so much about the surgery as I am about the possibility of her needing the ICD before then and having it fail
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Lots of
Im sure everything will be ok : )
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Many vibes that it will last and that her replacement surgery will be just fine!!
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that´s to be care my friend...
for her and you!..
my best wishes to all goes all right....I mean try to get all warnings about it my friend...
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Many for your mom. What is an ICD? Is it a pacemaker? Do you know how long the battery will last after the low battery alarm goes off?
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We don't know how much life is left until she sends in a metatronic report today (a device that hooks the device to a phone using sticky contacts and sends to machine info to a computer).

This can explain ICD better than I can
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*** thinking of you and Meowmy my friend......***
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Thank you Rigel, everyone.

She is booked in for her surgery in Seattle on the 25th, so she should be back home by the end of the month.
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Oh My Many vibes for your Mom
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Sending plenty of vibes out to your mom
and encouragement to you
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Not to worry you, but just to make sure... if the brand of her pacemaker is Medtronic, please check whether her model is among those recalled. (My father's first pacemaker was a Medtronic, but not one of their recalled models. Still, when his battery needed replaced, they went ahead and replaced the whole pacemaker with a different brand, just to be safe.)
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Nope, I checked on that when I first heard about the recall
Her's is not a pacemaker though, but a defib unit.
The battery life in her unit has a 5 year life and it's been in slightly longer than that.
Now that ICDs are small, she's pretty sure she's going to insist on a new, smaller unit.

My mom is so tiny that her older box is very visible, and painful under certain clothes
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.You´re not alone, at least in thoughts many persons are next to you!....
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Prayers and vibes for your mom.
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I hope everything turns out alright for the both of you
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Ah, glad to hear they've got something less cumbersome for her now. Good luck to her!
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for your Mom . I hope everything goes smoothly
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