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floral photos

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3 photos for you ..taken the other day..used my wide angle lens that has a macro on it.

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Oooooh what lovely daisy's! I've got some white ones but i wouldn't mind some of those beside them as well
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Beautiful flowers. And the vignetting on that middle one is really nice!
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Nice, I really like the second one!
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I believe they are purple cone flowers..and yes they are nice!
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Beautiful pictures. Of course in B.C. you have a lot more opportunity for pictures like that than we do in Texas. And I am glad to see I am not the only remaining person in the world that appreciates fine cameras and not phones. Here is a conversation my wife and I had the other night, (I am red.) She had just bought me the LG Dare, supposedly the best camera in a phone currently available.

But this camera is better than the apple iCamera.
It's a phone, it is not a camera.
But it has 3.2 megapixel
Oh, 3.2 meg to blur instead of just 2.
But it has face detection
But it's still a phone
But it has a flash
It's still just a phone
But it has 8 gig for your music
(No comment)
And you can sync to millions of songs.
(No comment)
And the camera lense was made in Germany.
It's still just a music player.

So, please don't ruin my day by telling me you took these fantastic pictures with a phone!
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actually i'm not in bc..i'm in manitoba..and winterpeg...
we have 2 seasons here...
winter and construction...
so...to give you an idea of where winterpeg is...
we are close to the border for minnesota and north dakota...
so there you have it...no mountains...
but plenty of lakes around winnipeg and manitoba.
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