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Tonks not eating after spay

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I'm going to call the vets office as soon as they open about this, but Tonks wouldn't eat lat night or this morning, and she was spayed yesterday, is that normal? She seems otherwise fine, and was even trotting around the house this AM.

Thanks in advace!
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It could be the anaesthetic still inside her?. Is she drinking though?
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I havn't seen her drink anything yet, but I"m n o longer home either. She came home last night still very groggy, had trouble walking straight, then she just laid down and slept i don't think she moved until about 4:30am (whem my alarm went off) By the time i left at 6:00 she was up and walking around fine and when my fiance left at 7:30 he said she was running around a little but didn't seem hungry
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When you get home tonight pinch a small bit of her neck up to make sure it falls straight back. If it goes down slowly she's dehydrated and needs fluids, but she sounds ok if she's running around, but still check.
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She's probably just feeling the affects of everything shes been through, she might also have a little pain. It's good to call the Vet just to let them know whats going on. Prayers and for Tonks that she makes a full recovery
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I did that this AM and it was fine i wil be srue to check when i get home
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That's normal for a day or two after surgery to be off-feed. If she's acting normal otherwise, don't worry.
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Thanks for all the info and support!
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My Cats did that and they were fine.
I would watch her though.
She should eat soon.
I always put my girls in the bathroom when they get fixed so they do not run all over.
I did that with one cat and she somehigh got on the high cabinets by the ceiling.
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