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The Daily Thread September 10th 2008

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What Ms. Nat sleeping in today?????

Anyhow its a sunny start to the day but temps are a bit cool at 41F (5C).
Supposed to reach 70F though.

Waiting to see if tree service that the power company come in next 30 minutes to start topping the 5 marked trees-they said yesterday or today.
One big mess on parts of our property! Then off to work at one clients place and stop at another as she wants another garden installed.

We worked a bit on the family room last night-if I do some painting in the afternoon to keep even with the boards we install at night that would be good!! Have to stop at paint store to get some sample of colors to paint the ceiling though.

The cats are cold this morning as I do believe they are all inside!

Wearing my new glasses again I haven't worn them since Monday afternoon and I have to get use to them again.

Thinking of salmon for dinner tonite.

Have a good day!
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I keep getting distracted and coming on ehre, its soo gloomy today
Packed one suitcase, doing the washing and going into work later.
Dinner is all ready, just need to finish up the kitchen and ishould be done. I really need to clean the bathroom and finish painting the house. but seriously.. who can be bothered!

Enjoy your day everyone!
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Morning All!!

Sunny and cool here today as well.

Heading off to work shortly, have a early meeting Nothing special planned for afterwards maybe some shopping if the mood strikes me.

Same tonight, just dinner and TV.

The kitties are good, amusing themselves watching the kids walk by on the way to school...

Everyone have a great day
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This is my last day off of work. The Dr. released me to go back tomorrow. I was kind of getting used to the "retired" life. Every weekday, I would go over to the neighbors' house (also known as the in-laws) and have a wonderful lunch then we would all go out onto the front porch, drink cappucino, read the paper, and watch the neighborhood go by.

I would enjoy the day today, but I have a pelvic ultrasound scheduled.

I was actually cold when I woke up this morning. I guess fall is on the way.
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It's sunny and cold here this morning too...45F. The girls were all snuggled up around me in the bed this morning, so I didn't want to get up and disturb them. I did my grocery shopping last night after work, so I don't have any plans for today at all! There's a staff meeting at work at 5 pm, but I think I just might skip this one, pffttt! They're incredibly boring, and nothing ever seems to get accomplished anyway! Today looks like a good day to curl up on the sofa, with a quilt and the girls...and read a book!
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Mornin' all!

Wow, thinking ahead of what I am going to write about, and let me apologize in advance for a whiney post! This is just one of those days...

Dreary and nasty outside. It was getting warm while I was in Japan, but yesterday it was cold and overcast when I went to work and when I got back... I expect the same today...

Tired and cranky because I didn't sleep well last night. Our dog, Peach, gets "freedom" (leashless) walks from my dad most every night, and last night she wandered off away from him. He spent 3 hours looking for her! Finally he had to assume she either would come home on her own or not at all. (Well, not to say that we wouldn't have put signs up and made calls and such, just not at 1 AM!) I live about 5 mins by car away from their house, 15 mins walking. When I left for work this morning, she was at my house! She wasn't there when the search was called off last night! So some time between probably 3 AM and 6 AM, she decided to hang out at my place. Part of me feels bad that I wasn't out there and didn't know to let her in (she was panicky this morning, doesn't like to be alone. So why'd she wander off?? Oi...), part of me is mad at her for wandering off, part of me is mad at my dad for not watching them welll enough, and part of me is just plaing old glad she is back!

But! The good news is, though I am tired and cranky now, my cold is finally on its death bed. All I really have left is a bit of sore throat and the occassional sniffle.

I'm mad at hubby because I packed last night's leftovers for lunch today. Told him if he wasn't SURE he wanted them, I'd bring them in and do lunch with a friend. Well, he forgot them. But, he left them on the counter! So now he can't even eat them for dinner...

Evie was totally anti-social this morning. Didn't come see me at all! No cuddles or anything... But Cronos was full of love!

Well, enough pouting! Gotta make the most of the day.

Have a happy Wednesday everyone!
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Today is my first day at my new job. I am working both jobs until my other manager gets his vacation done. I guess it's the least I can do since he's not being an a** to me because I turned in my 2 weeks. My last day, at my old job, is the 22 of Sept then I officially am at the new job...I am glad I am starting today though, I want to see what it's all about. I know it's fast food and all but It seems a little on the down low as the kids call it, so I guess we'll see.
On top of it, I'm getting a nasty cold. I took some Theraflu yesterday but it didn't help. Now I have a headache on top on the cold. UGH, not a good sign..
Oh well, better go and get ready.

Have a good day everyone!
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Suuny but cool here. My youngest has her first half day of kindergarten, She'll go full days next week. My 17 year old daughter has some kind of stomach bug. she's been up all night. And to top it off I feel icky like i'm coming down with something. alright enough whining.
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its mostly sunny and 78F here... But there is a decent breeze and its not humid! yay!

Nothing fun planned. I just got home for work a while ago and plan on sleeping for a few hours this afternoon!

Oh and we are moving in less than 1 month! Yay!
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Looks like i'm a bit late to this thread!

This morning DH and I had a late breakfast and then went to the navy base for a while to get new ID's and tags for our cars. After we got done with the updated info we needed to take care of we went shopping for a bit at the navy exchange. LOVE that place I wound up getting a new Yankee candle called "Cider Web" (it's a halloween scent) and 3 little tarts. They smell great!

When we got done shopping we had dinner (Subway) then went to my sister's house and picked up my sister kimmy and one of her kids. (The others were at church.)
They came over to our house and helped us sand and primer/seal the bathroom walls for a bit. (we've still got a ton to do)

After that I pretty much spent the rest of the night priming/sealing up the bathroom with DH. Tomorrow I think we'll go get some paint maybe!
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