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Nature's Variety Instinct Wet

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Is this food okay for kittens? (12-weeks)

I'm having trouble finding a kitten wet food that my new kitten likes, but he apparently loves the NV wet that I feed the 1-year-old that we have.

I feed Wellness Dry (in the blue bag) to the 1-year-old too, but I've been trying to feed the Wellness kitten dry to the new guy. He nibbles at it, but only when it's mixed with the wet food. I'm having trouble feeding separately, so they end up just eating out of each other's bowls.

So, I guess my question is - is it okay if the kitten eats what my other cat eats?

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When mine were kittens I had the same problem of them not liking the "kitten" food I gave them. It was Wellness canned kitten and they just picked at it. I had NV Instinct chicken flavor and they ate that. I remember checking the NV site and they give a feeding guide for adults and kittens. So it is considered an "all life stage" food. Mine also ate the canned grain free Wellness, just not the kitten variety. They are so funny about what they will or will not eat. Hope that helps.
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Thanks, that's exactly what's happening. He won't even touch the Wellness kitten wet, and I've tried Nutro, and Fancy Feast and Friskies. He ate the Friskies, but I'd rather him eat something that is better quality. And in my opinion, the grain-free Nature's Variety Instict Wet, is really good. My older cat loves it, especially the Duck, Venison and Lamb varieties. And the little one likes it too. Now if I can just figure out how to feed them both different dry foods.
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Hey, I understand. Trying to separate kittens from regular cats at meals was a comedy. That's when I noticed the kittens liked the "grown-up" food better. I looked through all I could, like you, trying to make sure the kittens would be ok.

I finally gave up with the dry food, too. I used Orjien, Taste of the Wild and California Natural Chicken/Rice at night. These are "all life stage" and are fine to feed kittens. So I gave up and everybody got the same thing.

No more food monitoring!
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