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EMERGENCY! Just found injured kitten..

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The little guy is maybe 4 weeks old. We found him on the side of the road, poor thing, and took him into our house. We cut off the top of a visine bottle after cleaning it very well and put milk into it. It took a few minutes but then we realized that his shoulder is broke, AND further down on the same leg. Maybe not broke.. for the shoulder, but there is something seriously wrong! We are going to rush him to the vet once they open, but I do not know what I should do for now. He's the sweetest little guy, and I'm fairly certain he wouldn't have made it through the night.

Does anyone know what I should do?

Also, I don't really have the money to pay for an operation, is there any chance the vet might help him for free or a reduced cost? I feel really bad for the poor little guy, it breaks our hearts.

Oh! Also there is a little bit of dried blood around his nostrils :\\ Please help me I have no idea what to do!

Thank you!
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DO you have a local shelter or Aspca ??
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There is a local shelter. Should I take him there in the morning instead of the vet?
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Find an emergency vet in your area and tell them he's a stray. E-vets work with local shelters, so will take of the kitten and then transfer it to a local shelter.

Please do not give it any people milk, cats can't process it, and it will give it diarrhea, and cause it to be more dehydrated.

Please get it to an emergency vet ASAP, do not wait until morning! If you give me your area, I can help you find a vet.
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Call a vet and say exactly what you told us .. and that you are unable to care for $$ or the kitty at this time... vet will likely call animal control and make arrangements
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I live in Sheridan, Wyoming. We're new here, if you can help me find one that would be amazing!
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Mountain View Pet Hospital is open 24/7 for emergencies

510 College Meadows Dr
Sheridan, WY 82801
(307) 674-4111‎

Moxey Schreiber Veterinary Hospital has after hours services:

1650 Commercial Ave
Sheridan, WY 82801

(307) 672-5533

This link has directions to both hospitals
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oh no. I just called Mountain View Pet Hospital and the dr told me it would cost 500$ min. for me if I brought it in tonight. Gosh that is way too much for me to even try to handle! I am dialing the other place now. I don't know what to do. The dr. told me just to wait till the morning if I can't afford it tonight.
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If you tell them you plan to keep the pet they will charge you. If you surrender it to them, and tell them you found it injured, I'm sure they will take care of it.
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Well, the first place said they would euthanize him but it would still cost 120$ because he would have to call someone in. If I'm going to spend that much, I'm going to try to wait till the mornign and see if I can get him help. I don't want to kill the little guy. I want him to live :\\. So if it is at all possible for him to have a good life, I'm going to try to make sure he can have it. I doubt I can keep him, but.. maybe someone else will :\\.
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Man, that's crazy! My first kitty came to me after she'd been hit by a car, and taken to the e-vet - she had a broken pelvis and a broken tail that was amputated then transferred to the shelter I volunteer at. We also got a kitten recently at the shelter who was found with a missing leg, and was taken care of by the e-vet.

Anyway, to get the kitten through the night, you need to keep her warm. Wrap her in a towel, fill a sock with rice, microwave it enough to be warm, but not burn her and just keep her warm.

Make your own Pedialyte:

-1 cup water (boiled then cooled)
-Small pinch of baking soda
-Small pinch of Salt
-2 teaspoons of sugar

And you can feed that to her - no more milk!

That should help get her through the night.

This website also has some great tips -
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Thank you! Making the pedialyte now!
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Best of luck for getting through the night.
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Have you talked to your local animal control to find out what their procedure is in a situation like this? Not sure if that will help much.

Here is a great site that has everything about kitten rescue. It will help you.

Meanwhile, keep the kitten warm. Put it in a box or a plastic container, or anything you can find. Prop towels or cloth around it so it is supported. Do not put direct heat on kitten. We make "rice socks" by putting uncooked rice in a sock, tie a knot in the end and microwave for 2 minutes. Put the sock close to kitten with a towel between kitten and sock.

For milk, no regular milk. Harmful to kitten. Can someone get to a Walmart or grocery and get kitten replacement milk? Goats milk will work in a emergency. Clear pedialyte mixed with the kitten milk helped mine in an emergency. Feed with an eye dropper or syringe if you cannot find the bottles. Most places will have droppers. Offer liquid very often. 30 min to hour. Do not feed kitten whlie lying on it's back. Stomach down like nursing mom cat. Take a warm wash cloth or cotton and lightly wipe it's bottom to stimulate it to help it pee/poop.

Then pray. That kitten is so lucky to have you care for it. Wishing you the best to get through the night. I know I left things out. Check the link for details.
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Any update on how the little tike went overnight?
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I was in a similar situation about a month ago when I found a 6 week old kitten with a broken leg. I was also in another city at the time, so I couldn't just go to my usual vet (who has helped me with strays in the past). I called all of the local vets and they wouldn't help. Not even the humane society would help me there. I went to the local pet stores (not chains) and told them the situation, and finally some guy helped me. He made a phone call to some woman, and within 2 minutes I was on my way to a vet, expenses fully paid. Good luck with the kitty!!
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Okay! As a last resort we went to the animal shelter to visit their vet, who was an amazingly nice and helpful lady. The good news is that the little guy does not have a broken arm like we first thought, but infact has radial nerve damage. So he's not in a lot of pain. The bad news is that he might never regain use of his arm =/ But there is a chance that in time he'll be able to move it normally. As for keeping him, we might have to. The shelter is full on cats, and they certainly don't have the man power to bottle feed a baby kitten, especially one like him given the shape he's currently in. Oh, that and we are incredibly attached to the little guy. We code named him Yoda, because he has a surprising resemblance to the little green guy, except he's orange O.o But, he's now resting peacefully on his little warmer pad. Infact his only real issue is his earmites, which we got medicine for. So! I guess everything turned out for the best. I just hope he gets along great with out ferrets, and the dogs! Strangely enough we have all the basic kitty utensils on hand, so I suppose he'll fit right in! Also, our Rhodesian ridgeback has taken quite a liking to the little guy and currently fawns and mothers over him. I guess it was just meant to be! Thanks for all the help and advice!
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I hope you do keep him.
I am glad his leg isnt broken either and hopes he feels better.
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The little guy was certainly blessed to find your family - I hope everything goes well for everyone.
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That is wonderful! I am so thankful that Yoda found you!
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Oh! What a sweet story with a wonderful outcome! May Yoda continue to grow and thrive in your home. Glad he's got a surrogate mom to help him out and look after him as well as a home full of animal lovers.
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Good Luck to you and Yoda...Youare truly a wonderful person and he is very lucky to have you. What a beautiful story and i hope you keep little Yoda. I know from experience that you get VERY attached to the bottle-babies. ..Thats why I have 13!!
Take care and Good Luck
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I'm so glad the kitty is on the mend and you might be able to keep him. What good news!! Keep posting on his progress!!! Good luck!
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