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I'm going to Dinsey World!

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It's official. The hotel is booked.

.... Granted, I'm not going until May 30th-June 6th 2009... but I'm still really excited. My Uncle is letting me use his week of timeshare as my graduation present and the resort is AMAZING. I can't wait! I already have my Disney tickets that I have been carrying around in my wallet since 2004. (The last time I went and I kept the tickets since they had about 3 unused days on it.)

I've been so excited about this trip that my friend and I have gotten laughed at. We called both the airline and the car rental company and we were told that they don't have rates yet and to try back in a few months. Are we really planning SO far in advance? lol... Oh well, this is going to be the beacon of light that gets us through our final year in college. It's my first time going so far away from home on my own.... but so far I think I have everything in order.

Anyway, I was so happy I had to share!
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Enjoy yourself.
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Fro something like $10/day, yoiu can rent a GPS system with the car. It is so worth it.
And double check on the car rental. We've issues with them not wanting to rent to a driver under age 25. It may have been a location thing, but check on it anyway.

Have a great time.
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I've been 4 times and i love it. It's tiring but it's an experience i would tell everyone to have
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Make sure those days didn't expire. Disney expires their tickets after a week or might want to double/triple check on that.

Other than that, ENJOY!
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That sounds so exciting!
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I've been twice and going again August 2009.

You will love it! Especially if your going to Discovery Cove
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I already have my own GPS, which I plan on taking. I swear that thing is a life saver. I've also checked the rental company's policy. Most company charge a $25 a day surcharge because of my age, but I found one that only charges $13.95 per day. (lol, ONLY!) .... but the car is going to be split between my boyfriend and I so it's not going to be too terrible on me.

And I already called Disney to verify that my tickets are still valid. I found out prior to January of 2005, Disney tickets NEVER expired. I went in 2004 and they checked the ticket numbers to verify that I still have 3 days on it. I really don't think they should expire. If you bought them, they should be yours since they are so expensive. You can actually pay extra now to have the no expiration date option.

Any one have any more ideas/tips?
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Originally Posted by Rianna View Post
Any one have any more ideas/tips?
Since it's going to be hot & crowded when you go, make sure to hit the rides at the end of the day. Have a water bottle in the freezer, that way you can sip throughout the day to keep cool. Besides comfortable shoes, you may also want to bring foot lotion. There's nothing better than prop your moisturized feet up at the end of the day & relax. Hubby & I talk while soak our feet in the bathtub, then we give each other a foot massage.

We went to Disney World for our honey moon & had a blast. We're going back again 2/09 for our 10 yr anniversary. Enjoy the trip & take lots of pics!!!
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Make sure you have

Sun lotion (nothing worse then sun burn on holiday)
I second the foot lotion
Make sure you bring lots and lots of water with you.Again i second freeze it so it remains icy cold throughout the day.
Bring emergancy money.
Travel first aid kit
Bug bite cream
Camera and battries.
Hand held fan
Anything that will comfert you..
Painkillers , because heat and waiting can induce headaches.
Autograph book

Think thats all my suggestions lol (i have never actually been on a proper holiday but a few months ago done AU PAiring in austria (sp?)
Jess x
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