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Does anyone have the game Spore?

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I tested it out and it seems awesome!!! Id like to get it when DH and I have more money!!! Does anyone else have it? If so what do you think of it?
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No, and i wont buy it.

Spore uses, DRM for security. It also puts folders on you machine that you can not remove, thus takig away your admin right to your own machine. the game calls home every 10 days to authorize that its legal. If your not online you can't play.

Also the big hit is, you are limited to 3 installs of the game. So your not buying the game your renting it.

Since the final end game of spore is on-line, i can deal with it it checking the internet, But what if i dont want o play it online? what if i am on the road for a couple of months with no internet? sorry out of luck cant play. '

what if my machines go belly up, and i have to reinstall everything, what if i buy a new computer?

wont buy it until they remove 10 day check, and the 3 install limit.
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^ I don't really keep up since I'm not a gamer and don't use Windows even (XP and vista are too prying for one thing). But that's disgusting. Did they learn nothing from the backlash Sony and BMG's had?
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nope, EA as taken some big hits as of late with several of there pc games,. they posted a 94 million dollar lost.
bio-shock, mass effect did not do half the business they thought it would do,

EA forums used to be full of complients with drm, and people having problems with.

then EA just started to delete any post about it. I would expect them to still be doing the same.

lol the hack for spore showed up on line 14 hours after the games was released. SO the only thing EA did, was cost them money.

$50 dollars to me is nothing, but i wont waste it on renting it.
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thanks Bruce! I didnt know all that I dont think I want it anymore!!!
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Originally Posted by theimp98 View Post
lol the hack for spore showed up on line 14 hours after the games was released. SO the only thing EA did, was cost them money.
14 hours? people are getting slow. Not surprising though, the concept is interesting so people will want to play it... but not interesting enough to load your computer up with what is in effect just another form of spyware.
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oh yea, i loved the concept of the game.
I think what 2 years ago is when i saw the first video?

the idea of game that was not a people mover, or fist person shooter sounded great.

i had a hacked version of the spore creature creator, that seemed a lot of fun just to make my own critters lol

I have not checked the forums in a long time, i will look in the morning to see if the removed any of those issues.

also you can check the forums on amazon to see more about the issue.
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Because of an eruption of complaints, they changed the "call home" feature, so you can play it offline, although you do have to be online to do the install. You're still limited to installs on 3 computers (EA says that re-installs on the same computer don't count, but I'm not sure how well that works). The change hasn't worked to make people happy; the game currently has a rating of 1/5 on Amazon, with most of the complaints being about the Digital Rights Management (DRM).

What EA says about it.

You don't need a hacked version of the Creature Creator to try it out; a (not quite complete) version is available for free, and you can buy the full Creature Creator for $10.
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Well that is a just a little better.
they need to remove the 3 install limit. I am buying a game not renting it.

I would not buy a DVD that i could only watch 3 times, and only on one DVD player that is my major issue with the game, not the money
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Wow, I'm really surprised reading this! Hubby is a computer guy, so normally knows all this stuff, but he's been dying for Spore for 2 years now! He got it on Sunday and has been playing it quite a bit. Didn't mention to me any of that stuff, and normally it bothers him a lot, too. So either he didn't know, which would be a first, or he wanted the game so much he didn't let it bother him. Which would also be a bit of a first!

But, to answer the main question, yes, he likes it. Though I think he was so hyped up about it over the last two years that it's actually not living up to his expectations. It's fun, but I think he's a little disappointed in it. He certainly doesn't regret buying it, though, and has still played it every day!

As for me? I think I'll stick with Sims. But that's just me!
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The sims 2 has securom on it as well. I've stopped buying sims games as a result. Since I've been desperate to play spore for over a year I think I'll buy a legit copy, and then torrent a spyware-free copy to actually play.
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