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when does vomiting become a concern?

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I know cats sometimes eat too fast and may throw up soon after, Ziggy has been guilty of that before. as well as other non threatening reasons why they might vomit, but at what point does vomiting become a worry?

we woke up this morning to find several spots of throw up around the apartment. we realized really fast that it was Ziggy when he threw up during breakfast. there was a small piece of plastic in the throw up so I figured he chewed off a piece of a grocery bag and that was the cause.

however, he has thrown up three more times since then, its a yellowish throw up, it doesn't have food in it anymore (because I haven't seen him eat) nothing weird like plastic either. he's alert and walking around ok, but he is following me a little more closely than usual, he's in my lap right now just chilling, he's awake and just sitting here (he usually doesn't do this, he likes to sit in this black chair we have instead of in our laps).

I just recently moved and I haven't found a new vet yet. there is a clinic that I have seen really good recommendations for, that I intend to use but I haven't actually been there yet. should I bring Ziggy to this new place or should I wait to see if he keeps throwing up?
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You need to go to teh vet because you saw plastic in it. He could be blocked from the plastic which is very bad.
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That's too much in one day. Your cat faces dehydration and an electrolyte imbalance.

Any time you can't find an obvious logical reason - ie your cat just scarfed down his food in under 60 seconds, then you need to consider and get ready for a trip to the vet. Large amounts, frequent vomiting, blood, fever, foreign objects in the vomit or the possibility that the cat ingested a poison or cleaner warrant an emergency visit.
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Vomiting just the once if it's undigested or part digested food, or bringing up a hairball isn't cause for concern - but repeated vomiting over the course of a few hours and bringing up bile is worrying and the cat should be seen by a vet. I hope he is ok!
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I would *definitely* take him to the vet ASAP. That throwing up could be a sign of a blockage somewhere.
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I agree, take him to a vet ASAP. Most likely he does still have plastic in him, and it could be causing a blockage. It doesn't sound like just throwing up due to the food.
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thanks guys, I called my old vet and they said as long as he was using the bathroom ok that I should just keep an eye on him. he hasn't thrown up since I made this post yesterday he seems to be back to his usual self but I'm home with him watching closely and if he doesn't eat or use the bathroom right today I'm bringing him in.
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