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Lets see where you live.....

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Here are some of the beaches where I live, in the Algarve, Portugal

That's enough for now.....
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DANG! I cannot compete with that!!!
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How beautiful! How soon can you be ready for all of us to visit you?
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Ok. I am jealous.
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I live in Shaker Heights, a suburb of Cleveland. It's really nice, with trees and many lakes.

This is the library across the street from my building. It used to be an elementary school.

Sorry, I couldn't find a picture of my building.
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Originally posted by carrie640
DANG! I cannot compete with that!!!
You took the words right out of my mouth!
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This is the best picture I have that shows my area really well. It's the view from my desk at work.
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Alex's dad lives out in CO, and has a view just like that! He lives right near Pikes Peak. Great pic's everyone!
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I live in one of the many small towns that surround Rochester MN, where the Mayo Clinic is located. Rochester is about 20 miles away.

This picture shows several of the buildings that make up the Mayo Clinic complex. This is a HUGE complex, there are about 48 different buildings altogether. The grey colored building on the upper left is the Mayo building, this is where many patients have their appointments. The light colored building right in front of the grey one is the Plummer Building, which is one of the original buildings, and named after Dr. Plummer, who worked with the Mayo Brothers.

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Another Mayo Clinic building. This is Rochester Methodist Hospital.

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I live in a scummy city but at the turn of the 1900's it was the happening place due to all the industry that WAS here. Now it is a dead city with nothing to offer, however, my apt is across from a park
with baseball and a playground. No matter what surronds us, I try to find the beauty in it all. I just have to look harder than you all. one town over where I grew up though has woods and the ocean, so when I have trouble finding something here I close my eyes and remember or just take a short drive.

Inside my apt we have our own jungle, lots of plants and animals, even a parrot, to prove it's exotic, including waterfalls and all.
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Our property as seen from our upstairs bedroom
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Here's some pictures of Vancouver, I don't live there, but I have no pictures of my area. I live about 20 mintutes out of Vancouver!

The Spinning Resteraunt

Nice eh?

The Patullo Bridge

I will take some pictures of Surrey as soon as I can!
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Wow, Hissy, am I ever jealous. We may have sunshine here, but little grass. Mostly gravel and rocks.
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I live in NJ NOTHING to see here!
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Crazy Cat....I also lived in Surrey, my son was born there. I love Vancouver as well, it's beautiful. But I find the city way toooooooo crowded.
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I live in what was once a swamp. The drained it to build Camp Lejuene. It is possibly the ugliest place in the country. Damn, I miss Kansas Cuty! It is soooo beautiful!
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One thing I have to say that I absolutely LOVE about Oregon is how GREEN everything is. When I went there for the first time a few years ago I fell in love with that state and when we had to come back to San Francisco I was soooo sad. I left my heart in Oregon and am hoping to one day permanently move there.
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