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Shadoe and babies

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Well all, here are the anticipated pics i have promised, hope you like em. Things have changed a bit since i last posted pics so hope the links work for you all and are ok in size. Enjoy

Here is shadoe, mom

Baby 1, need a name

Baby 2, need another name

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Awwwwwwwww! *nuzzlies* They are such cuties!

Hmmm...names.. How about Ash and Sooty because they're both grey?
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Awww how precious!!!!!!!!
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do you know if they are male or female? Grayson if one is a male. Misty if its female. Or wait and see what their personalities suggest.
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i have not determined the sex of them yet. That is my next chore with the babies. I try to limit my time with them right now till shadoe allows me too. All i do is watch them right now, and shadoe does kinda give me the evil eye, like what are you doing???
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Awwww, they are precious
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So cute


Some suggests but there personalitys will help you choose good names!
Jess x
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Ash and Cinder
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